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Welcome to Leo world.

By viria13
I've seen this line around on a few of edits with this drawing, so I thought it actually fits a lot.

So I had a Leo mood.. who am I kidding I have a Leo mood quite frequently. I was just thinking about how hard and how much Leo would work on creating stuff for saving some people…So I needed to draw some tired-as-shit Leo falling asleep at his workspace.

I just have this Leobbiloveyousomuch and I don’t think I want to deal with it.
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Omg I love the way you draw himmm

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I just love your Leo drawings
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He reminds me of myself. What a great work! Your color, details, and body language fits very nicely.
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This is me doing homework and assignments for high school
Leo probably has the saddest backstory of the 7. So he  deserves a little respect and rest.
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my smol baby i just i can't asdfghjkl
he looks like a sweet lil puppy _
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Rick said that the best art is in our heads... nah, this is better art than my imagination, and I do consider myself to have a good imagineation :)
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*desperately trying to resist the Leo-ness of this picture*
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I really like Leo. 
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He's too adorable Squee!!! 
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Recharging..... XD
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leo y the dam hades u so .....HAWWWWWWWWWT
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Leo is the only person who sleeps holding a wrench
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exactly what I was thinking XD
TheSeventhWheel7's avatar
Explain why I hug my pillow during a nightmare
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Oh gods he’s wearing THOSE pants.

Gotta love Aphrodite 
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