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Weasley twins

By viria13
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because I lovveee theemm:iconiloveitmoreplz:
guess who is who if you can:3

another livestream videos [link]
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welcome to Weasley and Weasley, your prank headquarters
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WHY DID FRED HAVE TO DIE??????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Like his uncles (???)
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I love them too my fav always been fred though
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nnng this is sooo AMAZING!!
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i used this for my homescreen on my ipad for the longest time XD
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Love this one too, I like how you draw the twins.
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[link] I found this on pottermore :o
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I just watched you do these on livestream. :D
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Ugghhh! All of your Fred and George pictures just kill me! I love your style!
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OMG the hands of the left one looks so weird.
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Fred's holding the boxes and George is carrying the briefcase, right?
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What, precisely, are in those boxes? Freddie's on the right. Georgie's on the left. That's how you normally draw them. Plus, Fred is more of the "leader" in your pics, and the one on the right looks just a bit taller....
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i think george is on the left. i dont know why. probably because the one on the right has such a freddie expression..
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ohmai... I lust LOVE the shoes that the left one is wearing... I'm just gonna call him Fred... he definitely looks like he would be Fred! :3
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Ehehehe, cool! I love them too :love:
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Fred's on the left, George is on the right?
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Fred's on the left and George is on the right. I'm 100% certain of this.
....because.... I am...
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The one on the left is Fred, and the one on the right is George? xD I don't know really, but great job, I love it! <3
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(from left to right) Fred then George? =D
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