We're all stories in the end.
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couldn't help...I know this looks weird,I actually have no idea what is this..I know it's Rose and Doctor,I felt quite..gloomy and drew this.Weird weird weird
I wish I could do it the way I wanted D:
Doctor who obsession continues
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this art maintains that reality has already been expressed and the themes of it have been exhausted in relation to art. Therefore, the need arises for a new way of perceiving reality. to recommend my favorite artists Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Frida Kahlo, Roberto Matta Gabino amaya cacho and Pablo Picasso.

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ArtByErin3|Professional Digital Artist
And there goes my feels for the day
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PrinceApoIIo|Hobbyist General Artist
all i can imagine is a story like the Asylum of the Daleks looking at this:

"We're human! We're not characters; WE'RE HUMANS!!"
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It's so beautiful... *loud sobbing* Why am I so sad?Doctor Who Emoticon  Gif 
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StarlightXSword|Hobbyist General Artist
*starts crying all over again*

This is so beautiful TuT
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AlexandraBowmanArt|Student Traditional Artist
This gave me a really unexpected feels attack. WOW. Just amazing, spectacular work!
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my heart dear jesus
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Sketch-on-a-wall|Student General Artist
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firestar541|Hobbyist General Artist
Not the right picture for that quote. O-o 11 and little amelia!!!
This is still sweet though......
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WhaleDoctor|Hobbyist General Artist
Really Sad 
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percyjacksonsister|Hobbyist General Artist
TEN ROSE *loud sobbing*
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Aww... I love them!
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Linzerj|Hobbyist General Artist
Oh gosh these adorkable dorks I love them so much just uuuurg why did it have to end??
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walkingteacup|Hobbyist General Artist
;A; this is so brilliant
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Hi, I absolutely LOVE this piece and was wondering if you'd let me use it for a cover on my new Ten/Rose fanfiction. I'll obviously be putting your name in the summary as identification. I really really love it and hope you don't mind if I use it :)
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best doctor who pairing <3
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hotrobin99|Student Artist
omg my biggest otp
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the feeeeelllllllsssss!

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Reconstructing|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You capture his expression well, ugh I love your style and everything
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I love this one too, very emotional. =)
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I think it's quite lovely, especially the colors :)
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this is adorable
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Zoephiia|Hobbyist General Artist
I absolutely love this one
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