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still trying to do more Disney-style.and I think I've pretty succeeded this time:la:
also I'm trying to get the movement and all those clothes folds,so I drew this:aww:
and yeah,backgroundless this time:D

umm....may I say I love comments?:roll:
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how did you draw this wonderful picture? was it a computer programm or did you draw it with pencils? =o if it was a computer program please tell me which it was! <3
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this is soo luna lovegood....
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This is perhaps the most beautiful thing I've seen for Rapunzel. 8D It's just so sweet and simple and the colors and the movement and the style and it just all comes together so perfectly!!
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So fun! The world needs more pictures of dancing. :D
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Lovely the body structure looks flawless! :]
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love this sooo much!! :P :D
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Colouuuuuuurs! <3
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This is absolutely lovely. I adore the colors you used, and the style is just perfect. x) Beautiful!
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Goodness, that's gorgeous! I love your style, and this is a gorgeous example.
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I love how carefree she is in this drawing, even just from her actions, since you can't see much of her face.
oooh this is one of my favorite pieces from you. i think you really captured the movement and the tone of a disney character in this :)
i like the coloring! i love it when she has flowers in her hair :)
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So pretty and full of energy!!! I want to get up and twirl along with her!
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I think it looks lovely without a background. xD And I love all the pink!~ <3
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love this completely !
so simple, but full of light and elegance..)
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I love how it has motion.
And the colors are beautiful.
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