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Pride of the family.

By viria13
Regulus Black:heart:
I was SO dissapointed to know that there is no Regulus in the movie.
Cause I think he was important character.HE was the first who knew out how to destroy Voldemort.HE tryed to destroy horcrux.HE has given his life.
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It's sad that Sirius spent the rest of his life thinking his brother was a coward.

I'm obsessed with them too. Managed to find a few excellent stories on
marauders4evr has several very good ones.
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Wait what he wasn't why. His so amazing he found something he believe in and was brave enough to give his life for it. I cried more when I found about what he did then another character. 
Amazing in the art give him this hero in the shadow look. 
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and yeah, love the title: good job ;D
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agreed they left out a lot of good stuff and some important information :(
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:( It's so sad that Sirius never knew what his brother had done.
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I love reggie he is MINE and there is a pic of him in the movies but its terrible, it looks nothing like him
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I totally agree about Regulus, I think he was kinda important to the whole story line.
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Your Regulus Black looks like the way I envision Nico deAngelo.
GoldenEarthAngel's avatar goood! I agree- they should have definitely put Regulus in the movie(s).
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Very pretty art :) He looks so angsty.

You are not the only one upset by the lack of Regulus in the movie.
J.K. Rowling clearly wrote the chapter 'Kreacher's Tale' with the intent of the movie showing a flashback. The stuff about Regulus in the movie actually doesn't even make sense if you haven't read the book and don't know what happened. It never even tells us that he was a DEATH EATER! No explanation is given as to how he got possession of the locket or why he betrayed his family. The part in the fifth book where Sirius mentions him is cut out, despite that they had a perfect opportunity for it(the tapestry scene). They had to add in a rather pointless scene in the sixth movie just so that Regulus didn't seem like something pulled out of thin air. And then, when we finally get to Regulus's crowning moment of awesome, all we get is Kreacher saying "Oh, that locket was Regulus's. Mundungus Fletcher took the other one." WTF!?!?!?! Regulus's story was one of the most interesting parts of the book. Regulus turned away from the dark side and gave his life for the hope of maybe helping defeat Voldemort. Say what you like, but I think that makes him the bravest character in the entire series. Seriously, they couldn't spare the time for even a short flashback for Regulus, but they added that ridiculous scene in the last movie with Harry and Voldy jumping off a building and flying around together? What the f*** were they thinking? And then Harry didn't give Kreacher the fake locket, which cheated both Harry and Kreacher of some major character development and gave Kreacher no motivation to help Harry later on, which meant we didn't get an epic house elf attack led by Kreacher screaming "For Regulus!" in the last movie. Also, J. K. Rowling stated in an interview somewhere that Regulus was intended to be similar to Draco Malfoy except that Regulus chose to do the right thing, so cutting Regulus out of the movie stole a bit of depth from Draco's character as well.
(Please excuse the epically long rant. I'm kind of obsessed with Regulus. Okay, maybe that's a bit of an understatement. I'll stop talking-er, typing-now.)
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That's so so right Regulus deserved to be portrayed. Was so looking forward to it!!!!
and great portrait here! I love it.
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I agree that it was a crime they didn't show him even for a smidgen of a flashback. Simply wrong. Kreecher (I'm sorry, I listened to the books on tape, no idea how to spell anyone's names! DX) would be very upset.
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So happy to see Regulus art! He is my favorite character and there just isn't enough of him. ;_;
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What....He's not going to be in deathly hallows part 2...?

Anyway, loving the expression in this. I can see him thinking something like "Sirius was right"
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Love his expression! :D
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Грустный красавец
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Regulus!!! Oh my poor, little boy, don't be so sad! I love you!

*pounces on Reg and squeezes him to death*

Awww - pretty. I love his expression.
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I know! I was so excited for Regulus and... NOTHING *tear*
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I AGREE! Regulus did SO MUCH! those bitches.
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They did have a flashback :D
Love how you portrayed him by the way. So cute!
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where was this flashback?O_O
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