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yeahh.I've wanted to draw her for quite a while,and :icondinoralp: just totally inspired,here she is.
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Oh my god. I look like Pansy and I am in Slytherin. Coincidence, I think not. 《But I swear I am not as evil as her. Though I always have unnecessary sympathy for the bad guys.》 :)
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I like her because she is the worst Slytherin girl!
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Are we sure her last name isn't Snape and Parkinson was a name she made up because seriously!
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Wasn't Pansy described as having a pug face?
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She is beautiful.
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is she the one who eventually married draco?
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No, that was Astoria Greengrass, Daphne (who is Pansy's friend)'s sister.
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Omg, I know a girl named Pansy and she sorta looks like this:D
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This is an amazing portrayal of Pansy. Even though I am now officially a Slytherin (Pottermore :L) I still don't like the character.
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i like bad guys and bad girls. i am a bad guy and bad girl freak. they just rule that is why i like them. and the way there draw is soooooooooo cute. plus i love pansy in harry potter great job on her face here:clap:
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This is the first image of Pany I've ever seen ;p
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I know you're not really supposed to like the Slytherins in Harry's year, but I've always liked them. Guess I'm just weird for not liking the main characters as much. xD Good picture and all the little things you drew make the character come out.
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she's so bad its hot.... Poor baby bro
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Ooh, I love how you caught her personality. :)
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It's a lovely piture! :)
- I can't help it but every time I see her name, I think ' Ow there is Fansy Pans!
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The way you've made her head tilt up creates a wonderful effect, she looks just as stuck up as she is in the book.
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When reading the books, I always imagined her quite fat and ugly, even her namy sounds plump to me. Then again, I guess Malfoy wouldn't hang out with a completely ugly girl, so this is quite fitting. She's somehow pretty, yet it is very easy to dislike her :)
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