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Now let the day just slip away..

I guess I should just start submitting stuff here more, but then I forget because ~tumblrrrr~
Percabeth smut because someone said DA was lacking some._.
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Sexy, hot pose!!  Her left hand...oh yeah!! ;)
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"Percabeth smut"

tell me how exactly this is smut? it is just kissing. no genitals, no breasts, no steamy-smutty goodness. i do not give the the Jay Seal of Steamy Goodness
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I can imagine Athena being like WTF NO STAWP with a look of horror on her face and Poseidon is just like: THAT'S MY BOY!  and they're just like in the background watching XD
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le Me: What? They're just kissing right? Just kissing...
Ten seconds later as le Me remembers PDHPE lessons
le Me: Oh, god damn it...cute
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I kind of get the feeling that Annabeth is the closest thing you'd get in the PJ universe to an Amazon.
Damn. Do a smut for ALL the ship in HoO PCatO!
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can you make a jiper smut??? 😂 pllllzzzzzzzz
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Is it just me,or did I remember Arachne's tapestry-like,wonderful drawing?
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A million Persico shippers just died in the distance.
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Très belle mise en scène 
mon sent le désir des personnages
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:heart: I Love Romance! That's what the world need to see more of :heart: Thank you for Sharing your Art & Allowing us to Fave your works! :heart: 'HOOOAAH!' :clap::clap::clap: :salute::salute::salute::salute: :heart:
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nothing more to say. :3
what would i give to be percy right now......
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What would I give to me Annabeth right now xD
Someone else's soul
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Love your interpretation of them. 
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