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My own.

Ever since I lost my son…I think of you as my own.

Because I am having so many Zuko feels since his older version was released. Most specifically, Iroh-Zuko feelings.

So I had to draw some of them, since it’s one of my all time favourite relationships ever. And I know, Iroh is so so so proud<3

I kind of have this headcanon in which Zuko and Iroh haven’t seen each other in a while, considering Zuko is busy with his Fire Lord duties, and Iroh is far away in the Earth Kingdom..I bet Zuko came for some calming jasmine tea.<3

I should probably mention Zuko is in his early twenties here, since many people got confused about Iroh still being alive. God Iroh baby:C You're the best father a person could ever dream about. Lu Ten would be so proud to be your son:(

I seriously consider colouring this one later..hope you'll like:3
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Awww his kiddo's growing up fast!

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This is my favourite Zuko drawing. I think about it a lot.

This is just so beautiful!!!!! 😭
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...Oh my heart. :heart: This may very well be the most touching Zuko-and-Iroh fanart I have ever seen. The love in their eyes is simply breathtaking.
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maaaaan, I really really really really really looooove avatar and I feel the same as you! God, the feels. Thx for liking almost all the things I do and being an excellent artist. :)
Ayaaaa.... right in the feels. I'm crying so hard!
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Oh, the feeelllsssss.....*teary sigh*
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The feels ... Right in the heart
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I literally get chills looking at this. The look of pride in Iroh's eyes is too much for me.
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I just can't stop starring at it!
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Now I am sniffling in class... I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY!
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*sniff* Da feels. Amazing work.
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I love Zuko for the man he became. Though I do admit all his anst (in my opinion) did go overboard in the third season, but I love him. It's nice to see him happy now 
also, I'm completely pretending "the search" never happened. Even though I never fully read it, I felt zuko's character development yet again reversed (like the end of season 2). Yes, I understand he wants to find his mother, but hasn't he learned what obsession had done to him in the past (even if it was justified). Just, ugh
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Excellent!!! I miss Iroh. 
¿Puedo traducirlo?
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Not all of the best relationships are shipping. This is proof right here.
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AAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! FAMILY FEELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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*wave of feels* 😭
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