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Mischief in managing

By viria13
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I basically HATE dark colours, I think I will never really be good in it:C
Although, I am desperately in love with Weasley twins so.. Decided to colour this old sketch.

They are definitely up to no good:heart:

Now guess if they messed up the sweaters or not:D
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I'm honestly surprised that the powers-that-be haven't tried to do a cartoon reboot of Harry Potter in a style such as this.

It would probably be a hell of a lot better than Fantastic Beasts, I'll say THAT much!
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yes I love the twins as well 
Maybe? You messed it up? Idk
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I hated it when Fred died I literally shouted nnnnoooo and started crying
i even tried to throw my book in the trash
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im listening to the harry potter theme song, but it's the ear-rape version
just imagine the weasley kids dancing to this... (without bill and charlie sorry)
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Aaaa my babies!!
they look so cool in this style!
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But what if they switched?? 0_o
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"Mischief Managed..."
When I read "the Deathly Hallows", I was very compassionate to George because I have a twin brother too (thankfully he's alive and well)
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"I solemnly swear, I am up to no good."
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Oooh what are they up to
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buti still luvthem

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I got both their signatures it was amazing And I love the drawing
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This makes me sad cause Fred died 
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This picture is amazing!!I love the F for Fred and the G for George on their shirts!!Keep up the good work ❣️❣️
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I love them so much!
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