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I am NOT sad.

finally some photo in more-less normal quality
new ID I guess
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You're so pretty (o A o)
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Wow you are a very beautiful girl!
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You looked so different ajsdhkasdkadj still beautiful anyway :)
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viria: *blows up face huge to fill the entire image
viria: *still looks flawless
what is this viria what is life
PenelopeMoore's avatar
Oh my, remove the hair, and you're the identical twin of Anna Sophia Robb!
goobfishy-is-i's avatar
Somebody smooch you, please. It would be a waste of good beauty not to.
ebird12's avatar
no, you are gorgeous:D
mezzaFilosofa's avatar
you have BIIIIIG eyes <3
nellay9's avatar
but you ARE pretty.
NathanTails's avatar
Cute. Love the Haircut!
NathanTails's avatar
Love your haircut
Lilikahoona27's avatar
Gosh, you're gorgeous.
cece5345's avatar
you really want some attention dont you? Get a life troll .She's really pretty and you know it
AnnaShawkey's avatar
probably better-looking than you. She is NOT ugly at all. I love this photo.
And that affinity for "pretty" goes a long way. Particularly in a logical sense.
I'm a twenty-one year old male. I'm simply giving her critique on her talented artistic display here. Am I not entitled to my own opinion? And just to set the record straight, she's not better-looking than me. But even if she was, I understand that animals like to mate.
TashiHazeldine's avatar
The quote " You are in more dire need of a blowjob than any white man in history." seems to apply here....
Six year ongoing relationship. Great joke by the way. Cunning.
godspired's avatar
Lol, you're a dick. I feel for whoever has been stuck with you for 6 years.
ezliribs-apprentice's avatar
yeah, people ask if I'm sad when i'm thinking too...if thats what you mean by the title that is...:)
XeHida's avatar
Какая вы милая ^.^
4NTAR35's avatar
so beautiful
and. . . i mean you
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