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Humanized Judy and Nick

By viria13
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I realized there are some drawings I definitely can post here from my tumblr so!! here we hop;)
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I love this so much!! You've captured both of their personalities so clearly :)
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Aww! These guys are so cute! I love how you drew Nick being so chill :)
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This Is adoroble!!!
I have no words 😱
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I love this sm om
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I'm not the only one who sees Judy as black! :D Wonderful love it!
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I imagined Judy as being Asian and Nick as Black, but I like this interpretation as well. Black Judy is adorable 
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This is a really nice drawing. It's one of the few I see where Judy is the minority. It's interesting to imagine how the story would work if she was.
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That dev is nicely done) really
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HOLY SHIT this is sooo cool:la: Hop I'M A BIRD - Icon Temmie Emoticon Icon Gif - Undertale excited 

Interpretation of them couldn't be better
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FINALLY SOMEONE WHO DRAWS BLACK JUDY, white Judy makes like 0 sENSE if you apply the racism metaphor to zootopia!!!!!!
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While I get what you're saying, the racial metaphors were mirroring the cocaine crisis a long time ago, and it's the predators that are supposed to represent black people. Not to mention, she's a carrot farmer from the zootopia-verse equivalent of Wisconsin. Don't get me wrong, I love it when minorities are represented fairly, but it does not fit in the case of Judy Hopps.
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The movie is not trying to draw any one parallel, that's what makes its message universal.  But the predators were "on the top of the food chain" (LITERALLY) and used to lord over the wild preying on other creatures.  They are the "historical oppressor" class.  And they also supposedly still benefit from "predator privilege" if you listen to Bellwether's monologue at the end.  So I always felt the predators were white people. 

Judy I really don't care what race the artist decides to draw the characters, but honestly I would peg Judy more as Native American, since they are a very rural demographic.
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I always thought the racism metaphor was against the predators who are 10% of the animals like black people in america are 10% of the population. So I thought Nick would rather be the one who is black.
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Well a lot of the race metaphors weren't exactly mirrored irl with any one race, which is why it was compelling.  A lot of the bunny stereotypes, at least to me, had more in common with sexist stereotypes. 

That being said, I am all about black Judy because I am sick of all characters in fiction being white until proven ethnic. Who's to say Judy wouldn't be black if she were human! 
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i really like this! especially judy, and nick is great too!! especially posture. although i think nick should be older. 
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Love it <3 I didn't know you watched Zootopia XD You have great taste in books, anime and movies haha XD
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I agree.  The preds felt white to me.  Bellwether was trying to bring about the "white guilt apocalypse."  But Judy didn't feel black.  I think she would be better depicted as Native American, since they are heavily ruralized.
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I always kinda thought it would be that Judy was Native American and Preds were black... idk, I dunno why one of them needs to be white? Like there's a lot of different types of discrimination both go to since they're both minorities so neither felt white to me.
Does that make any sense at all?
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I guess...but it takes away the beautiful "Romeo and Juliet" feeling for me if they are both minorities.
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I guess. Idk, I mean lets all just enjoy it for the amazing movie it is instead of worrying about the characters races
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