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HP:next generation

I am tired.
Just my vision of Harry Potter next generation's characters.I seem to draw all of them..I hope so at least,and I hope they look kinda different from each other.A bit at least,I tried..Anyway,despite it tool really much time,it was fun.So I suppose I am going to make another one with marauders' generation,and of course one with Harry's.
Also,I do know it may be way different from your vision of the characters,but please..that's mine :roll:
ah,and I did them all in almost the same age.
anddd comments appreciated?:iconiloveitmoreplz:
Hope you'll like:heart:

marauders' generation
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Sooo awsome!!! I love them all and it's so cool seeing them drawed by you... AWSOMELlama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1]

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WAHHH SEEING TONK’S AND REMIS’ SON TEDDY ALL GROWN UP....* proceeds to sob uncontrollably *
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Lily L. and James S. look a lot like their namesakes! And Scorpius resembles Draco a lot! This is cool.
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Scorpius is actually really really quirky and awkward and sweet. i love him
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ahh so thease are the new charcters i aprove and now i have to read the bokk there goes waiting for them to put the seconed one out next
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What about Lorcan and Lysander? I miss Luna's kids!!
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Who is Fred, Roxanne, Victoire, Dominique, Louis, Molly, Lucy and Teddy? I mean, I know who the other people are, I've read the books, but who are those people? OCs?
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They're all the other potter characters' kids. Teddy Lupin is Remus and Tonks' son.

Victoire is Bill and Fleur's daughter (both mentioned in the 19 years later epilogue of the Deathly Hallows. However their other two children, Dominique and Louis aren't mentioned.

Roxanne and Fred are George and Angelia Weasley's kids, as they got married. 

Molly and Lucy are Percy Weasley's kids. 
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thanks for the clarification
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Makes sense! Thanks!
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You know you're the only deviant artist I know of that has over 2000 comments on one piece of art.

By the way this is so cool, love Scorpius.
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OMG my nicknames Lucy and I have brown hair and glasses!!! 00
.I picture Fred with slightly darker skin and hair, other than that this is insanely close to the way I imagine all of the characters. And it's also gorgeous. LOVE it!
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Already shipping Molly and Lucy! Love it!
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That'd be cool if they weren't sisters. 
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Really sweet!! Really reflect their parents aww... <3 so very very well done xx
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It's like a whole generation of gingers! xD
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T H E Y R I S E 
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Fantastic work!
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God. I just love it
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