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HP:marauders' generation

because I said I would draw them:D and because they are my favourite generation:heart:
but I am super tired again:faint:

First of all,I am not sure if I haven't forgot anyone,because except marauders I don't know almost anything about previous generation.
Secondly,I added Molly and Arthur because I wanted to draw them SO badly:D I know they aren't exactly from marauders' generation,but still..Arthur looks kinda like Milo from Atlantis the lost empire,I know XD But who cares,right?:D
Also I realised have completely no idea what was the last name of Alice and Molly O_o
And I couldn't not to include my OC character Roxanne,because I missed her.
I wanted to make it look a bit more oldish,so the colours aren't that bright..I think I like this somehow though.
Annnnd one more,yes,I changed the shape of James' glasses,because I think this is better and more possible.Also because of Andrew Garfield as Peter,who makes my perfect James.this is all I suppose^^

Anyway,comments are really appreciated:heart: And I hope you'll like this<3

EDIT:NO,Ted Tonks wasn't a muggle,he was a muggleborn WIZARD.
Thank you for telling me what Molly's last name is:3
and yes,I know I wrote Alica and she's Alice.It's sounds like Alica in my native,so I messed up a bit..

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I don't think arthur and molly were in the same year as james and lily because it's theorized that james and lily had harry very young (20,I googled it) and ron was born when molly was 31 and its pretty obvious ron and harry are around the same age so molly and arthur were 11 years older than the marauders so technically molly and arthur were not a huge part in the marauders era (or even at hogwarts at the time)

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arthur and molly are clearing my acne and watering my crops

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quien es roxanne malfoy, varias veces la veo y yo pense que solo era una mala caracterizacion del personaje que es hija de george.
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This is exactly how I pictured them...

all of them
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i'm scared.
i look like lily.
oh god i don't want to deal with james.
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and remus is just like "chocolate" lulz
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These are amazing! Lol, I thought Arthur looked like Milo even before i read that you thought so XD These are all so cool, I love how different they all look and how their personalities shine through!
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What brilliant renditions. I really love the marauders, but can I get some Nympadora please?
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Love OMG! LUCIUS AND SEVERUS, freakin hot.
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peter looks like a little chubby martin freeman
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Ted Tonks is exactly what I imagined, same with Andromeda. omg
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The little heart between Molly and Arthur...squeee!
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i jst cant stop looking at narcissa's nose
I just realised Peter looks like he's busting to go to the bathroom. I cracked up twelve seconds later
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sorry to criticize but Bellatrix's hair is curly
No, it's not; only movie Bellatrix has curly hair. Movie Bellatrix is also short, has full lips and rotten teeth and doesn't have a trace of her former aristocratic beauty. Long story short, the movie version isn't very accurate canon-wise.
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ah ok got it I always thought of Bellatrix with curly hair though
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Please tell me you've seen this. Cause you're interpretations are very close to the actors. From what I can tell anyway.
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Prewett name of Molly
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Alice's surname is Clearwater if I remember correctly and I love your art

P.S. It would be awesome if you could do the Prewett brothers with their little sis Molly  XD
There is no mention, at any point in any of the novels about Alice's parentage, other than her being a pure-blood. I think you might be thinking of Penelope Clearwater.
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