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because I said I would draw them:D and because they are my favourite generation:heart:
but I am super tired again:faint:

First of all,I am not sure if I haven't forgot anyone,because except marauders I don't know almost anything about previous generation.
Secondly,I added Molly and Arthur because I wanted to draw them SO badly:D I know they aren't exactly from marauders' generation,but still..Arthur looks kinda like Milo from Atlantis the lost empire,I know XD But who cares,right?:D
Also I realised have completely no idea what was the last name of Alice and Molly O_o
And I couldn't not to include my OC character Roxanne,because I missed her.
I wanted to make it look a bit more oldish,so the colours aren't that bright..I think I like this somehow though.
Annnnd one more,yes,I changed the shape of James' glasses,because I think this is better and more possible.Also because of Andrew Garfield as Peter,who makes my perfect James.this is all I suppose^^

Anyway,comments are really appreciated:heart: And I hope you'll like this<3

EDIT:NO,Ted Tonks wasn't a muggle,he was a muggleborn WIZARD.
Thank you for telling me what Molly's last name is:3
and yes,I know I wrote Alica and she's Alice.It's sounds like Alica in my native,so I messed up a bit..

Next generation:
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quien es roxanne malfoy, varias veces la veo y yo pense que solo era una mala caracterizacion del personaje que es hija de george.
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LadyClassical|Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is exactly how I pictured them...

all of them
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XxRyleekatxX|Hobbyist General Artist
i'm scared.
i look like lily.
oh god i don't want to deal with james.
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and remus is just like "chocolate" lulz
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WolfCrestSox5X|Hobbyist Digital Artist
These are amazing! Lol, I thought Arthur looked like Milo even before i read that you thought so XD These are all so cool, I love how different they all look and how their personalities shine through!
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What brilliant renditions. I really love the marauders, but can I get some Nympadora please?
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Love OMG! LUCIUS AND SEVERUS, freakin hot.
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peter looks like a little chubby martin freeman
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AliciaMarieL|Hobbyist General Artist
Ted Tonks is exactly what I imagined, same with Andromeda. omg
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BrighthasBreached|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The little heart between Molly and Arthur...squeee!
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Joy-the-dreamer|Hobbyist Digital Artist
i jst cant stop looking at narcissa's nose
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I just realised Peter looks like he's busting to go to the bathroom. I cracked up twelve seconds later
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AquaAFlygon|Hobbyist General Artist
More people!!!
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Ask-Jade-Mountain27|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
sorry to criticize but Bellatrix's hair is curly
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No, it's not; only movie Bellatrix has curly hair. Movie Bellatrix is also short, has full lips and rotten teeth and doesn't have a trace of her former aristocratic beauty. Long story short, the movie version isn't very accurate canon-wise.
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Ask-Jade-Mountain27|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ah ok got it I always thought of Bellatrix with curly hair though
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Please tell me you've seen this. Cause you're interpretations are very close to the actors. From what I can tell anyway.
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Prewett name of Molly
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Alice's surname is Clearwater if I remember correctly and I love your art

P.S. It would be awesome if you could do the Prewett brothers with their little sis Molly  XD
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There is no mention, at any point in any of the novels about Alice's parentage, other than her being a pure-blood. I think you might be thinking of Penelope Clearwater.
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Love this! Though i prefer Sirius look in your other drawings more but everything else is on point. And I think Andromeda was brunnette with Black hair not Red Hair. But besides that awesome work! 
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TheSisters2| Traditional Artist
Wow! I simply love how you draw all of these generations! :D You're very good! :clap: :heart:-Kay
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Who is Roxanne Malfoy?
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