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Ember Island moments

I feel like these little Zuko-family moments cause way too many emotions in me. Because no people but his family would probably see him like that. When Firelord Zuko himself turns back into an adorable awkward turtleduck he used to be...when he's out of his Firelord duties and can be free and careless for a moment:3

and yes, Zuko is the best daddy.:3
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Why did they have to break up....
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They get back together, it was confirmed by the creators that Mai is Izumi's mother :)
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Whoa, really?! After the Kemuri Kage incident I thought they were like bye-bye for life! Nice to know they got back together ^^ They should make a short comic based on the story how they got back together! 
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If they did I'd read it non-stop XD I grew up watching Avatar and I always had a feeling that Mai and Zuko would end up together in their adult lives. You'd be surprised at the number of people in this world who end up marrying their childhood sweethearts :) and I'm sorry that you didn't know they got back together, I still follow LOK just incase the creators wanted reveal anything more about the show that fans may not have known before.
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Too bad I don't do social media. Deviantart is the closest thing to social media I do. 
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Oh I didn't mean a particular website, I just google Legend of Korra and click on news XD I'm thankful that it isn't just me, Pinterest is basically my social media. I just created a Deviantart account so I could favorite and comment on artwork, and I discovered what Twitter, FaceBook, and Instagram, all looked like through my friends because I'm just that out of touch. My friends keep asking me about Snapchat and getting one and I'm just XD I never saw the purpose and the kids at my school would mostly use it to degrade and embarrass others and it was just disgusting.
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Oh. I occasionally google ATLAB or LoK too, but it's usually the wiki to look up the characters' information because I just like to do it lol 

I was pressured to make an account for something like Line because everyone else were using that app to contact each other instead of just calling or texting...I almost immediately regretted it because boy those fellow teens were sending meaningless chats, game invites and etc almost constantly. That was enough of an experience for me to not be swayed to use FaceBook or Twitter when they came out. Same with Instagram. 

When someone first mentioned Snapchat to me, I though it was Slapchat. 

I made my first Deviantart account just to comment on the arts as well, but soon that lead to me wanting to join the community and share some of my stuffs. 
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t's funny that you mention that,  I actually discovered the wiki for my favorite cartoon by accident a few years ago, and then I started looking at the ones for all my other shows until it became a habit XD but I'm sorry you had such a bad experience with Line, I've never even heard of that but it sounds like one of those addicting apps that teens are supposed to get on all the time, like Snapchat or Instagram. I never saw the interest in either, and I felt kind of lame for not having those when everyone else did, but I now I know for sure that I don't want to be apart of whatever they're doing. And it's great that you're planning on sharing your art soon, I can't draw to save my life XD if I get better in the future then I might share some work but until then I'm admiring from afar. 

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I love this pairing, your art and everything about this picture :XD:
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I love Zuko..... He can be such a big ole teddy bear when he wants to X3
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Zuko's a sweetheart but he dos not always admit it
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Zuko looks much better with that fluffy hair of his WTHOUT that stupid ponytail.
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Awwwwww that's so sweeet!!!!!
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I feel like Zuko would just be so kind to his daughter like all the time. Beest daddy ever!!! :) 
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Zuko! A daddy! 8D
I'd imagine that Mai would wear more conservative beachwear, but this is still just an all around sweet image.
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Hey, even married women like to entice their men once in a while ;)
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So cute! with they showed this in the show.
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AWWWWW!!! It's so cute!...Shame we could not see something like this in the show.
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Yes he would be.  X3
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The feeeeelsss!
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