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Crushes are harder than herbology

By viria13
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I did read a bit of Cursed Child a while ago, and I have to admit that scorpius/albus did gain quite a lot of my attention, BUT scorose is my ethernal joy I love this ship so much ;A;
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You have talent. That, and they look good together! 😁😋

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i thought it was draco and ginny first, but now that i know its scorpius and rose, i can't stop staring at them together

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WHO IS THIS???!!! Oh wait is it Rose and Scorpius? Am I right????

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i couldn't stand The Cursed Child. but i hear it was a fan fic anyway. a bad one if you ask me. but that's just my not so humble opinion. i do like the scorose ship. they are cute together.
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Define this concept of 'ship' for it just each graphical edition that you render, or, does it mean something else, or? I'm really not up on all the latest, sorry, and know to that you do not have to answer me, if you consider me to be an idiot, a bore, or an unworthy, okay?
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'Ship' is basically when you think two people look good together, and/or are compatible with each other.

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Don't worry, I struggled with the same thing initially.

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A "Ship" is basically when you want two people to be together romantically is the best way I can describe it. So when you say You "Ship" two people together, in this case Scorpius and Rose, you're saying you think/want them to be together. Does that make sense? And it's alright that you didn't know what it meant, We were all there once too! ^-^
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i was scared for a sec that this would be dramoine art but no phew that ship makes no sense (ship drapple instead :D)
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i thought it was draco and ginny!! xD
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so dont ship Dromione ship SCROSE
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yeah i was so scared this was gonna be dramoine art and i would have been crushed :O
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actually really love this
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lmao this is too sweet <3
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I'm pretty sure that JKR can scrounge up a Prophecy or two to make them a 'fated couple'. However, that would rob us of the supreme joy of watching those two Pureblood scions, Draco and Ron, hashing out a Courtship Contract whilst Hermione and Astoria sit in a corner and bemoan their husbands' need to make this an 'Alpha Male' thing.
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i think... this may be... my new OTP...
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This should be a generation earlier :) Dramione rulez! (except a cause that Hermione is the lost secret daughter of Bella and Rodolphus and her real name is Delphi :P
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Noivernz I'm not sure what exactly this is from but it's harry potter so, you'll probably like it
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It's Draco Malfaoys precious bean son and Hermione and Rons daughter
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They're so cute I could actually stop to ship Dramione for them... And Scorpius is so much cuter than I thought... so different from his father and so similar at the same time. I LOVE him.
Well, no I don't, I would never cheat on Oliver Baston, my only and true love.
Monkey love 
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