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And I love her

And I love her
She gives me everything
And tenderly
The kiss my lover bring
She brings to me

Loooooooong time no Jily, huh? I am really ashamed :ashamed:
the scene from my friend Masha's fanfic (Дни Мародёров [link] and it's in Russian)

also I have nooo a clearest idea what's going on with the lightning here

EDIT: damn, guys, everything is fine with Lily's knee-it's just hidden with folders of the cowerlid that crumbles under the weight of Lily's leg
*sorry I can't explain better, but it's supposed to be hidden since they are not sitting on the wood or metal that doesn't change the shape, but on the soft pile*
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Great work Heart 
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can someone answer me 
so what is lily of james in the movie or something and wdym by lily potter? like were they in harry potter? idk anymore omg
They’re Harry’s parents! You must be new to the series which is okay! Lily’s last name used to be Evans but she married James Potter and became Lily Potter, and they are the Mum and dad of Harry Potter.

So, in case you haven’t read the books, or watched the movies, (WHICH YOU OBVIOUSLY HAVEN’T), you would know that these people pictured here are in fact Harry’s parents! You know, James and Lily? James Potter and Lily Evans, who changed her last name to Potter after getting married?

Ummmmm..... Well, Lily and James are Harry's parents.
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I love Jily soooo much!
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this is one of my top favorite Jily drawings!
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And of course, faultless picture as absolutely always,!!!!! <3 love it so much I'm going totally insane xxx
And love you so my much im going crazy too Xxx
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Beatles Beatles Beatles ~~ !!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 xxxx
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Oh my gawds, the beatles song... viria, you broke me.
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...and that's how harry was made xD
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I really wish the fanfic was in english too :( I wanna read it after seeing your art!!
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Yay! Love the Beatles reference! It so works! The drawing is beautiful along with all your other drawings. :)
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so cute!! i accidentally thought james was nico, lol. 
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So Lily's knee is being hidden by the sheet and I think I already commented on this but, what the heck! And I'm pretty sure there's a boner in there somewhere. :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin)
And here is a little message for you:
Я люблю свою роботу, і я сподіваюся, що так добре, як ви коли-небудь! Все, що я зробити, це фотографія та ескізи, так що я краще почати працювати!
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Jily, I love your work **
I bet this two head students do this all the time.
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So what viria means is that her knee is being hidden by the blanket. In other words........
LLLOOOVVVEEE IIITTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Waaaah!  :happybounce: Nuu 
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I get the knee thing, and I love this picture... especially the lighting! It makes it seem magical, almost...
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Битлы... шикарно
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