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Absolutely hopeless.

By viria13
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because I am in such a marauders mood right now. I can't even think about anything else -_-
I figured I have already drawn something quite similar to this one ( [link] ), and I think I quite improved from August:3
but anyway..Sirius mmmrrrrrrrr:iconiloveitmoreplz:

I tried to make it a bit cartoony-like, but I didn't really succeeded.

but I hope you'll like it:3
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Don't put your wand in your back pocket or you a** will blow up evantually! XD
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Sirius wearing A Beatles shirt is my favorite part.
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I love all the details, with Sirius's Beatles shirt to the wand in James's back pocket! Amazing!
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Simply stunning. I love your work
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Lupin is so reading
Sirius... Same as always, right (handsoem)
Potter, so cute

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Damn, Sirius.... :drool: And I love how you drew the marauders - they all look gorgeous! :heart: :love:
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Gorgeous! They all look perfect! :D (Big Grin) 
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Hey Sirius likes the Beatles! XD<3 And yes, James, you are hopeless. 100% hopeless. XD
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Ooooohhh, the Beatles!
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I love your art!!! the drawings of sirius, james and remus are my favorite!!!! <3
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great. now i want sai....
SolarCaves's avatar
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AGAIN, Sirius, pleeeease. STOP 
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Completely AMAZHANG! As usual and I can totally understand the Marauder's mood thing. I have it too!
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James is dat flirt
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My first thought as I saw the picture:
Oh wow, Lily looks so much like Anastasia.... :3

I guess it's because of the hair and the attitude >.<
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I love Sirius! I'm SIrIUS. 

So sad when he died. DARN YOU BELLATRIX.
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they're perfect ! this is exactly how I imagined James
The movies didn't potray him right at all
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We've all got that one absolutely hopeless friend :D
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can i get some details on the squad here? cus like i still have some movies to go through, (even though i should probably read the books first oopsy) but uhmm, i'm really confused on who's who? like are these ship kids and stuff? and idk who's parents are whose and my brain is just kinda mush rn cus i thought- i'll actually stop there cus im rambling aha ok uh bye now~
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