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A Very Weasley New Year

I suppose it's a little too late, but anyway^^

haha, I know Ron is completely mental here:D
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ginny is taller than i imagine her.... i imagine her as a cute lil shortie
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Greatest poor family of all time!!! :D
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im what you call poor too. for about two years I had to share a room with my brother( separate beds, of course) and I have moved 4 times since I was born because of the rent going up.
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I love this sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much and yeah ron looks mental, harry called it. " are you saying I'm mental?-ron " I guess I am!"-harry. Jammin' 
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I really miss Fred again.
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That's totally as i've imagined them - especially Ron and Ginny! Although I don't have anything against Bonnie Wright and Rupert Grint (Rupert is great, actually) I really hate the directors for making Ginny bland, quiet and boring, and Ron - a total idiot, typical comedy spin-off.
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I agree! I loved Ginny in the books, she was even one of my favorite characters. They ruined her character so much in the movies...and while Ron was never my favorite character in either the books or movies, they could have done a lot better with his character in the movies. 
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Same, I hated the Lego game (the second) for making her into a girly girl, flirty type, she's more of a free spirt and rebel
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Definitely! Quite a tomboy, joyful, rebellious, loving her brothers and always with something to say (well, since the book IV ;p) I haven't played the lego game but she's not some bland, withdrawn type from the movies nor the sweet girly damsel in distress. The character would be so great to work with, come on, how could they waste such material?

Aaaaand...Ron. Oh, Ron. I know he's no Einstein but c'mon, in the movies he's more stupid than Crabbe and Goyle... Ron is just a simple, a little silly, funny fellow, I guess everyone had a school friend like him. The movies' makers let Rupert's comedy talent misguide them, in my opinion... "Oh he's making such funny faces and sounds, let him do that for the whole saga and then suddenly make Hermione fall in love with him" :D
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Lol I agree, Ron not an idiot, I don't remember him being an idiot in the books, he and Harry were similar actually. And Ginny is not always on Harry or giving him the googly eyes, in the book, she said she didn't like him anymore (not like love) , not when she was with dean, she got pissed for dean laughing at Harry, she's more secretive with that, but noooo, the movie/Lego had to make her obviously in love
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Your Ginny always reminds me of Julia Roberts. haha <3
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Yay I'm not the only one who noticed that lol, I feel bad for his cheeks
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where's the Swordsman Percy?
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why exactly is ron near their butts?
Yes! Yes! That's the Ginny I imagined while I was reading the books.
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Хах,весёлая семейка Уизли =)
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I've been wondering for a while now, what brushes or whatever do you use? It's amazing? Do you even use photoshop? :3
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It's a whole new side to Ron :D
Why are you so amazing at art? Everything you draw is so perfect!
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fred/george's ivy scarf is just amazing. it's just what they ould do
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