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MB3D1.99.27 release with update to BulbTracer

From thargor6 Just released MB3D 1.99.27 as major update. This version comes with another huge update to the new mesh generator (BTracer2): optionally use the OpenGL-window for previewing the mesh. This is slightly slower, but gives you a much better impression of the final meshan official documentation for all BTracer2-related topics: BTracer2.pdfcontrols for rotating the meshoptional tracing ranges for better control of the result (e.g. allowing you to only create a mesh of a certain slice of the whole traced cube)option to create closed meshes (along the trace-range-boarders)loading/saving of all options (including fractal-params) in a new file-format (*.btrace2)more efficient memory-managementcreating BTracer2-Cache-files which can be processed using a new external 64Bit-companion-app, called BTracer2x64to create meshes of any size your machine can handleunlike to the feature to create meshes, MB3D can generate cache-files for any

Params, Gradient and Tutorials

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Little Revolution


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Beauty of the Naked Body

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Queen Victoria Building, Sydney, Australia

Random Awesomeness

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Spiral Ladders

UF and FE

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Incendia and Bryce

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Apo, JWild and Chaos

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Elephant Love - free to use

Stamps, graphics etc...

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You want to check out those artists :)

Hello folks, as usual I was browsing around and I bumped into those cool artists so I thought I'd share their artworks with you! Here they are Alright folks, I hope you liked this collection and don't forget to give these artists what they deserve!!! Take care, Chris

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V for Vendetta

Nails, Nails and More Nails

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Violet Reactor

Tweaks of my Work

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Texture 741


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Natural fractals?

:thumb637690056::thumb635602865::thumb631821853: :thumb184342107::thumb75325901::thumb188204287: :) :D also added two new formulas in the forums ;) Sample images from new stuffs;

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Creature scene

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Mid Monthly Marvels!

From %All-Fractal-Art ( Every month I have been doing a feature of all the submissions for the theme. I have decided I will also do a feature about halfway through the month now to help promote your beautiful art! Art chosen for the 'Mid Monthly Marvels' could be a selection across all folders, or I may decide to highlight a particular folder, or even a do a colour theme feature. If you would like to suggest someone else's art for a mid monthly feature, please leave a thumbnail on the journal - it does need to be art that is in the group though as it is members of the group, or art I request, I aim to promote :) :D Oh - and this is my fi

Project Educate: Fractal Week

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