Suggestions for the Alpha-Bestiary?

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A is for Abominable by virgiliArt

B is for Banshee by virgiliArt

I have a few ideas written down, but I was wondering if any other fans of legends, myths or monsters had suggestions of critters they'd like to see illustrated with a short poem? I'm hoping to complete the alphabet.
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K is for Kelpie?

N is for..[link]

ooh. nice.
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I really love this idea, glad to see you still continuing with it!
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Thanks! Any monsters you'd like to see illustrated? If your suggestion is better than the one I've picked for that letter I'm not shy about using it instead!
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They're not really "monsters" per se, but as creatures of myth, I'd love to see you do Cerberus and a dragon for the upcoming spots. Assuming you don't already have them for their respective letters :D
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Maybe "H is for Hellhound"? I was going to use "D" for dhampir... could go "W is for Wyrm", but aw, I like "W is for Wendigo" too... darn! Choices!
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"H for Hellhound" sounds good! I say stick with "W for Wendigo", honestly.
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