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Smart UI - Rainmeter Theme (WIP)
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Published: October 22, 2013
- Thumbnails were not displayed at launch. FIXED

Important! Before downloading and installing this theme, please consider that it is still a Work in Progress. Even if it is almost finished, there is still some work to do (see section below). At first, I did it for my own usage but some people on the Internet convinced me to share it. So, please, don't be too nasty and don't grouse if something doesn't work. Thank you :)

I wanted something very different for my desktop, something that is clear, elegant and useful at the same time. Here is the result and I am glad to share it with you!


It is very simple to use. On the left, you will find 5 shortcuts that open different panels : apps, games, library, favorites websites and weather. For each thumbnail on the right panel, you can change images, path and folder with integrated tools. So, you will be able to configure the skin easily with your favorites apps, games and websites.
You will also find time and date and Gmail and bin informations.


A 1080p monitor and last version of Rainmeter (Rainmeter 3.0)


As I said at the beginning, this theme is still a Work in Progress. So there is still works remaining to finish it.
- Weather panel
- Translation. (In English first, then maybe in italian, spanish or german if you want to help)
- some minor bugs to fix
- A way to make the theme fitting with all screen resolution (that is lot of work!!)

Please, don't forget to post a short message if you find bugs, have suggestions or want to help. And if you like it, please, add a fav!!
Thank you for downloading my work!
:) (and sorry for english mistakes)
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Ma7amedStudent General Artist
Hello there .. I'm speechless !
It's just beautiful .

I'm a native Arabic speaker .. and I'll take it as a challenge to translate it to Arabic if you don't mind .
It will be nice if you sent me Guidelines or anything that might be helpful .

I'm about to adjust it to fit in my 1280x800



Is that right ? .. I haven't tried it yet though .

and another question is - cuz I know that it wouldn't be easy - How to change the float of the left side menu to be on the right side .. Arabic is a Right to Left language .. and I think doing something like that will make it suitable .

If I had any luck completing this one .. I'll send it to you ( I'm not sure if deviant art has a private messaging or not - I'm a newbie here ! )

Once more .. Thank you for sharing this masterpiece of yours :D
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Ma7amedStudent General Artist
I'm totally lost !

Do I have to change the Images dimensions using 3rd party software ? All I got editing  the code was getting a messed up controls over the pictures !

I really want it to work - can't wait for your reply :D
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very good indeed, good job, but as I do to reduce it to a considerable size so it does not look too great that modify line?
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Here's how to modify the resolution 1366 x 768 pixels.…
Thank you, Virgiles!
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Merci beaucoup pour l'aide, je travaille sur un comme nous parlons ...

Désolé de vous déranger à nouveau, mais j'ai une autre question, comment puis-je modifier le raccourci "GO" pour accéder à "Mon ordinateur" à la place de l'application Météo?
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Passons je l'ai eu à travailler après une rapide recherche sur Google, idiot moi ... semblent toujours oublier de l'utiliser :)
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Désolé pour les smileys


W= (200*0.711)r
H= (75*0.711)r
X= (350*0.711)r
Y= (275*0.711)r
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Salut LawLietRiu et d'abord merci! :)

Adapter le skin à ta résolution d'écran est une opération très simple mais qui demande beaucoup de temps et de travail. En fait, ce sont des maths très basiques.

Avec rainmeter, chaque élément d'un skin est défini par une taille, exprimée avec les lettres W (width) et H (height), et une position (X et Y).

Par exemple:


Ta résolution d'écran est 1366x768 et la skin a une résolution de 1920x1080 pixels.

Donc, il suffit de multiplier chaque dimension (W et H) et chaque position (X et Y) en le multipliant par 0.711
En reprenant l'exemple plus haut:


Et voilà! la skin est maintenant au format 1366x768.

Maintenant que tu sais comment faire, il faut que tu ouvres chaque fichier .ini avec un éditeur de texte (ou clic droit sur une skin > modifier) et que tu remplaces tous les W, H, X et Y par la même chose multiplier par 0.711.
Il faudra faire la même chose pour FontSize=xxx

Tu trouveras souvent ce cas de figure:


Le "r" correspond a une position relative à la position de l'élément précédent. Il suffit que tu fasses:


Avec ça, tu devrais être capable d'adapter le skin à ta résolution d'écran. Il faut juste un peu de patience :)
Bon courage!
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Bonjour Virgile, j'ai une question, plus d'un besoin. J'utilise un ordinateur portable avec une résolution 1366x768 et j'étais vraiment, vraiment, vraiment heureux quand j'ai découvert votre peau et je me sentais en amour avec elle. Donc, si vous s'il vous plaît m'aider à changer la résolution, ou me donner les liens où apprendre à le faire.

Merci pour ce bel art.
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Salut, Super boulot ! Juste parfait.

Juste un petit problème pas dérangeant mais je ne sais pas d'où cela vient. Le compteur de mail ne fonctionne pas et  dans le journal j'ai le message de dessous
Si tu sais comment le regler, j'suis preneur ;)
Merci du boulot en tout cas !

Message :"WebParser: (Fetch error) L'URL n'est pas valide  (ErrorCode=12005) (Smart UI\Menu\menu.ini - [MeasureNumber])"
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Fixed ! :
In [MeasureNumber]
Replace "~gmail" by "!mail"
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This is beautiful. Just downloaded and installed it, and the screen resolution for which it was programmed isn't right for my display (1366x768), but it should be straightforward to write functions that would scale this to any resolution (unless of course the option already exists in the skin and I just haven't found it). If you haven't already done this and are interested in a little help with doing so, write me back!
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Bayushi-TaiHobbyist General Artist
Excelent skin, i'm actually working over it. 
Thanks for the inspiration, i'm learning !!
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yorgashHobbyist Interface Designer
Nice work there, looks really good.
I'll see how the code looks, and if you want me to, I might be able to help with the resolution thing.

I'd go about it auto-scaled to resolution (or maybe rather to the desktop work area, as there are some who still prefer to have their taskbars), with additional option to scale further.

Contact me if you're interested, I'm not looking to take credits though :D
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yorgashHobbyist Interface Designer
Know any real good text editors though?
I can't quite recall the one I used to have, I was able to - for example - change any "X=NUMBER" to "X=(NUMBER * #SCALE#), so it was not too much work to change the skin auto-scaling.
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This is fucking awesome (!)

cant wait to see the final release and find your donate button <4
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Good day!
Great job, I really like this skin!

I would like to see the settings to set the right orientation for the skin.
I just want my wallpaper is not changed after installing the skin.

Sorry for my bad english, I hope you understand what I mean.
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Hello Bayushi-Tai and thanks for your comment.
The easiest way to add your favorite wallpaper is to put in Skins\Smart UI\Images\wallpapers and rename it Wall1.
It should work now.
Bayushi-Tai's avatar
Bayushi-TaiHobbyist General Artist
Oh, i didn't saw this answer, yes that's is one solution. 
I fixed deleting the wall files.

Again, thanks and great design !!
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Bayushi-TaiHobbyist General Artist
Great skin !
I was testing it last night, but i don't like the option that it changes my wallpaper for the person with the umbrella, can this option be off ?
(tell me how to do it, please)
All the other stuff seems great, i love this skin !

I already faved !!!
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As I said in the commentary above, the theme is not finished yet. That's why there is that message when you click on GO_.
There is no meters means that there is no files attached to this shorcut. 
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zeus2012Hobbyist Digital Artist
I really like this job.
One problem : after configure Go_ (the weather) with my location, he says (in french, because i am) :
Le skin"SmartUI\Meteo\meteo.ini" ne contient pas de meters et sera désactivé.
Le fichier est endommagé ou ce n'est pas un skin valide.

How i fix the "skin" problem ?
I searched on google but I've not found any solution.
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