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Mass Effect Family

This the biggest fanart i've ever done, and i'll never do it again *___*;
Take your time to look all characters XD

EDIT1: "where is (character name)?", "you forgot (character name)"... Why not the guy who we can see once time in the bathroom in the background when we are drunk in the Citadel on ME2? XD;
Sorry, i know it's not hurtful but...Can you imagine how much i'm tired after this work? Can you do the same (quality and size) with ALL characters of the trilogy with DLCs in 3 weeks? I know i miss many characters, i didn't have time, so what?
Thanks god some people notice the space hamster, Blasto and baby krogans (sorry i did a mistake on their head, i didn't know) and other surprises ^^;
Please enjoy what i drew here, and not search what i miss, because you'll surely find.

EDIT2: OMG, you're so sweet, sorry if i don't reply to everyone, sometime i don't know what to say, but you know i THANK YOU VERY MUCH, really, at the beginning i was afraid to know all fans's opinion, but i admit you have some interesting comments here ^^ Thanks again!

EDIT3: Don't ask me where are Shepard's Squad members, because they are all here, if you don't know where, just watch again... Seriously i can't believe it... v___v;

EDIT4: "and.......... Where is...---" Oh man, are you fucking serious?!... Just shut up, go away and give me a break! Read the "EDIT1" Damn it! For the god's sake, if you're not happy and if you're sooooooo smart, go to make your best fanarts ever, but leave me alone!
It's the last time i react about absent character, i'm tired, really...
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What's seven years after? But this is beautiful. Heart breakingly beautiful.

Looking at this just makes you wanna play the game again.

/PLUS my fave character is an eye-catcher trying to grab the wayward daughter XD

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I feel Nostalgia just from looking at the picture.
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Same here ;__;
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probablement l'une de mes œuvres préférer de mass effect, je salue le travaille de titan de son créateur 
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Lost my shit at "EDIT4" lmao xD The struggle is REAL!

I believe there is no need for me to tell you how amazing the picture is,
by the amount of positive feedback already given, I don't think there is
any thing new to add

But the edits killed me, havent laughed like that in a long time. Thank you!
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Hahaha, I totally forgot I wrote this edit, I was so angry that day lol
Thank you ^^
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Joker is riding on EDI's back. Oh my God. This is glorious.
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Hehe I'm almost sure Joker go to the Citadel like this with EDI X)
Kai lost his cereal XD 
And Legion and Tali are soooo cute <3
Saren and Benezia XD 
Oh god, everything is cute and funny <3 <3 <3
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I'm glad you like those interactions between characters ^^
I'm really sorry for this mess of a comment, but this is amazing. I tried to do something similar, but Legion's design just pissed me off and I finally flipped the table and gave up while trying to draw Collector!Harbinger :)
I admire your patience.
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Wow. Just wow. The whole gang really is all together. Even Nihlus is poking around. 
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Yeah you found Nihlus! 
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One question though, why did you put Mordin at the back? He should be singing up front.
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Yes!*squints and sees Anderson punching Udina with Hackett and Bailey cheering*
Double yes!
And MShep's face is glorious!
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Many thanks XD
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Amazing compilation! 
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Everything about this is still so amazing x3! I got a good laugh out of some of the situations too!
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Hehe, I'm glad to see it
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You're welcome~! ^_^
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Mein gott you even fit Kalros in there

This is amazing.
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