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Old -MMX - Mav design - Hydron by virago-rs Old -MMX - Mav design - Hydron by virago-rs
Been digging through my old art again (busy looking which I am going to post on my website) and found this...

Ah yes, the MMX anime that I was working on. Got put on the back burner, because the people that were supposed to help me either went MIA, got too busy with other stuff or moved on >.>

Either way, this is a concept of one of the main Mavericks that were/are going to be taking part of the anime. Not sure if I will finish making the anime anytime soon (got other stuff to do now, God knows where most of my supposedly helpers went and the decreasing active MMX fans), but I do know I like how this pic turned out, lol.

Oh, and he's modeled after a manta ray, hence his unusual shoulderpads + neck guard + whatever else that is on his back. He has three other brothers and he's the smartest of them. The other ones are: one is fast, the other is strong physically and the strong powerwise. Each of the them also represent one of the main elements and Hydron obviously is the one representing water. Yes, only four Mavericks. It's gonna be a fanmade anime, so we don't have the money to make a bigass movie fitting the full eight >.>

Maybe I'll redraw him with better matching hip. I used to make the hips rather small ^^""

Probably more old art will be uploaded...

art and character is (c) by =virago-mhd
MMX is (c) by CAPCOM
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February 8, 2009
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