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Faber Castell Colour pencils(usual), watercolor paper
This is my first attempt. I have never painted portraits with colored pencils and until recently I even couldn't represent it was possible. So... I decided to try. I'll be very thankful for tips!
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Jan 2, 2012, 2:29:04 PM
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Is this for sale?

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Спасибо!!!!! Первая попытка, немного коряво получилось:D
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So beautiful potrait, Vira. Awesome job! Thanks for sharing.
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thank you very much for having a look;):heart:
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Hi Vi..of course,always
I see you use Faber Castell,tell me what you say about Faber-Castell Case - the ultimate pencil case? You have the video about pencil case in my youtube channel [link]
Its a wonderful sunny day & I'm trying to finish my abstract drawing. Browsing my colored portrait &pls feel free to post critics about it.I'm not a very good artist..usually when I draw my feelings,I focus more on sceneries &landscapes that reflects my emotions.
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I'm back:) Lovely video by the way, I want to download this music, don't you know how to do it?
And now about pencils. Here's the link how they look [link] They're probably for children, not for artists, I realy don't know, I found them by chance at shop.And I must say that I'm not satisfied with them, because I like to work in layers with cp, this pencils don't allow to do this( but I do this with them:)) I know that Faber Castell Polychromos are great, but they're very expensive (well for me)and I can't find them in the place I live. where's your drawings, your gallery is empty, I can't see anything there. I can give you some tips which I feel comfortable with but there are thousands of people here better then me so you can ask critics from them:)Anyway you can always ask and I'll help you with what I know:)
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A few min, please, I'll be back right now...
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Upss I have a problem..pls send me a message where to click for choose 'this print is not available for shop'
Thank you
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Do you submit it as print? at firts I didn't know too, but I don't want submit my drawings as print so when the print window appears I click my profile:) Try:)
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Hi Vi,done it,thank you anyway.
Tell me what music you want to download?..of course, I know how to do it,I just need more details.
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Hi!:) I want that music from video.What is the author of that music? I liked it so much.
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I love this portrait! I also use Faber Castell color pencils. I feel you did a wonderful
job with the blending of the colors. =)
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Thank you so much, Evistana!:)They're good but they give pale colours. I'm dreaming to buy FC Polychromous, I've seen lots of portraits done with them, just fantastic:)I blend with cotton buds, by the way:)
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You're welcome! (My real name is Eva) =)
I think I have some of the PC Polychromes. I'll
need to check that out~ I will be starting on
a colored portrait soon. I have many drawings
to work on now. I do blend the colored pencils
with a tissue because some of the colors rub off.
I don't know if you find that to be a problem.
I find that black and the blues seem to rub off
with a tissue.
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It is really good for a first attempt!
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Thanks for a compliment:))))))
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Lovely :) Simply lovely :)
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Lovely :) simply lovely :)
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Thank you:) She's sweet, isn't she:)
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Really, really sweet :) I can honestly say she is a really wonderful person!
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I'm not her fan, but I think so;)
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WOW!!! Love your work!!
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