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Tutorial - How I use color

_+ Created August 23, 2016 +_

I was asked a very long time ago, "Can you teach me how you use color?" on my  ! And so I decided to create a sort of example guide to explain how I approach choosing and combining colors!

This is by no means the "correct" way to choose color. I'm simply answering the question with how I specifically use colors! Each artist has their own preference, so experiment a lot to figure out what you like! >u<

First Row (with purple example): The colors used for base, shadow, and lineart are from the same spot in the color wheel! It's okay to do this for some parts of your shading, but if you don't mix it up, your shading may end up looking a little boring ;w;!

Please note that I tend to choose my colors from the very top of the color square, which is why my art looks super saturated! Feel free to move anywhere else in the square! >u<

Second row (with peach example): The color used for base, shadow, and lineart all come from different parts of the color wheel! Peach base with a darker pink for shadows and a medium red for lineart! X3 This looks a little more exciting to my eyes compared to the first row! 

Third row (no color wheel example): The third row goes beyond just moving slightly clockwise or counter-clockwise on the color wheel. Instead, it adds highlights (mostly blues, teals, and yellows!) and the lineart is colored with a gradient that compliments the circle color that's closest to the line border (ie. the cyan blue lineart next to the yellow highlight in the first circle). A bigger variety of colors is used and the overall effect is much prettier than the two examples above! How did I figure out what colors worked well together? By experimenting and color picking from pieces that inspire me! 

Download available on the right side! Good Luck and feel free to ask any questions in the comments or in my !


Tool:  Paint tool SAI

**Critiques and constructive feedback are always appreciated!** 
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thanks for the tip! also the way this is colored is beautiful

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Thanks it if very helpful!

Makes sure to check out my art too!

Solar Sands fanart-
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I sorta already figured that out, but it’s god to see others learning it for the first time.


Happy pride month ya’ll, I hope you’re all having fun



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thanks! That's very helpful.

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thanks for sharing, i alway use black to draw the border, now i get a good example here : )

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Can you also do it darker colored?
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ahaaa so pretty uwu, I will practice with it and maybe aply it to my digital artwork.
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good luck !
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Ahaa finished
Although I could have added more color effects…
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ooh love the pose ! and great job >w<
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thankk you this is my drawing pls dont use:
Planet Light 
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love the palette! 
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Love it!!! Thank you!!!
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thank you ! 
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If you want something lighter do you do it the other way round
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if you add highlights would you add more white and go the other way round the colour wheel 
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ooh yeah i kinda covered hightlights at the end and humm in some cases. I think yellow and blue work well as highlights 
luko3artist's avatar
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Well made! i'll try this way and thank you for making this tutorial! <333
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ahh thank you and hope it helps! 
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