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Gift - Huggable baby

_+ Created October 8, 2016 +_

created a cute but clumsy bunny maid >w< ! I usually prefer detailed coloring, but I surprisingly really love the simplicity! Maybe because it balances out the details? I want to practice designing more in the future ! 



Art and Design© SmexyViButt 
Character: © Yamio 
Time:  1 hr? 1.5? //can't remember >A>
Tool:  Paint tool SAI and Photoshop

**Critiques and constructive feedback are always appreciated!**
All Rights Reserved - Please do not re-upload/repost onto any platform, edit/modify, trace, or use without my permission.
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© 2016 - 2021 ViPOP
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thank u !! 
suuucake-chan's avatar
Anytime please watch meBear Emoji-33 (Sad) [V2] 
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Hhhhh seeing my inbox being filled with all your pretty art makes me so happy ;;; A ;;; <333 
This design is so amazing and beautiful ;; v ;; ♥ And I love the chibi style! 
ViPOP's avatar
I wanna buy an artbook from you some day tbh <3
penguinkissus's avatar
VII WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS :iconblushuplz: 
That'd be a dream come true tbh ;; n ;; It'd be soooo fun to work on an artbook
with lots of friends though, like you aaaaaa /////v\\\\\<333333333
xMinee's avatar
wahh so adorable ! <33
love the colors and ah just everything ;; 
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Thank you Minee X) Still developing this style!
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I. Wanna. Hug. Her oAo
She is so cute x3
ViPOP's avatar
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omgg her design is so beautiful, I wanna hug her cx
you got that colour magic haha <33
ViPOP's avatar
Hehe I wanna hug her tooooo

And omg >\\\A\\\> I feel like ahh idk. I put a lot of effort into picking the colors but I didn't realize it actually showed ! And that makes me happy that u can see it ;w;
dawnchi's avatar
You're welcome!
I feel like you always put a lot of effort into colours, with shading and with design pallettes
Also I think you said you'd open them in December, but once your commissions are open I'm gonna buy points and commission a design from you <33 Cuz I need some of that fabu art haha
ViPOP's avatar
ahh just a FYI, even if my spots fill up, i'll make a spot open for you, okay? X) since you've shown interest and also give me so much support and love <3 i really wanna show that i appreciate it! 
dawnchi's avatar
aw thank youuu <33
you deserve all that love and support ;v;
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awww vi, i want her DX
Oh and i forgot to ask and sorry i didn't check if you have this in your FAQs but, 
what canvas size do u often use? 
I've tried 2000x2500 px canvas, it took so long to finish a drawing T_T
ViPOP's avatar
I use 3000 X 3000 with 300 dpi! Don't worry much about asking stuff that's on my FAQ cuz we're friends haha tho I appreciate And if you ever want like a fluffy oc, I'd be happy to make one for you X) !!!

//if u ever want a full resolution of any of my pieces, just tell me ❤️
Frappe7's avatar
Aw yay! XD
Wow, that's really big resolution canvass for a chibi. I used to think 1000 x 1000 px was enough O.O

most my previous drawings were around that size. Now I'm being more careful with the sizes ever since i started commissions. 
Does it make it easier to draw line art on a larger canvas tho?

Yay, i'd be happy to get one of your fluffy ocs >.<
maybe even make my muse frappe wear a fluffy dress, she gonna hate it tho, but yeah, let's troll her > : D

Thanks vi! I'll ask for em one of these days > : D
ViPOP's avatar
I don't use all the space ! But I start on 3000x3000!

I Lineart on a large canvas but I do it with less than 100% zoomed in!!

Ahh if I get inspiration for a fluffy dress for frappe, I'll do it OwO she would have a summer inspired dress X)
Frappe7's avatar
Oh ok! Line art takes me hours T_T It's really time consuming trying to get it clean. 

Thank you Vi! I get a lot of comments that my artworks remind them of summer <_< 
I'll try to do rainy themed ones from here on. Our streets here are getting flooded, and it's raining almost everyday, that's more than enough inspiration >.<
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She's super adorable and soft looking! I really like her design, especially since I'm a huge fan of pinstripes and frills. Seeing the two brought together here is just really nice. c:
ViPOP's avatar
thank you Harthigan !! >w< ooh i didn't know u were a fan of pinstripes too OwO
Harthigan's avatar
Yeah!! I actually have some in my wardrobe, they're the best IMO. >w<
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