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Welcome to Windows 7 32

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was supposed to extend this one further but i got lazy again so...:laughing:

and yesh, those are dual cutlass/pirate swords, it was late for me to know that avast! is a pirate expression, if i knew it earlier i would have designed her more i just gave her at least one distinguishing weapon...

anyway, to be continued :yawn:...
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MX310 series
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where's the next page? it's been like 7 years since this was published...
LordOmegaZ's avatar
moar please o_o <3

now <3

THIS is flipping great!!!
SOMSOKsole-T's avatar
Over 2 years already. Avast is 7 now and Windows 8 is on her way. :)
Update soon?!?
ViperXTR's avatar
later reply...

more than 3 years now :O, 8.1 is on the horizon u__u
SOMSOKsole-T's avatar
Avast is 8 now and i'm using 8.1 right now.
ViperXTR's avatar
well, if i ever i continue, ill continue where it left off at that timeline
C-Dee's avatar
...A psychotic security-pirate maid! YES! WIN!
geek96boolean10's avatar
when is this gonna continue...? its been 2 years now...
ViperXTR's avatar
been doing sumthin about it recently, sorry for the hiatus u__u
RivenRoth740's avatar
i cant wait for the next one.
Hope you feel better soon then.
gk1llah's avatar
This is friggin Swee! can't wait for more
MeledyneM1's avatar
ang ganda naman.
I can't wait for the next one.
ViperXTR's avatar
i cant say when i will make the next one tho :D, ive been trying to get back on my feet lately...
snsninja's avatar
Looking forward to it!
skywatcher122's avatar
sna meron pa hahaha paano nmn kaya yung adobe tpos ma detect na fake lolz
ViperXTR's avatar
sana nga meron pa hehe, wala ako motivation/drive lately XD
ShiratoriRyushi's avatar
Great comic, I want to see more. =D
ViperXTR's avatar
still in WIP >_>
haven't drawn for a long time.
*reads comic*
*Added to Deviant Watch*
This Comic is educational. I always wanted to know what programming and software was like.
ViperXTR's avatar
thanks, well, don't take it seriously though, most things are just mere reference and personification XD
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