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rushed job background and coloring lel
Josie getting mauled by Miguel from Tekken

A parody of the death of Jose Rizal (the character where Josie is based from) by the Spaniards…

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Oh no Josie! *Catches Josie and kisses her awake so she can resume the fight* XD
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Is it wrong that I'm laughing at a parody of my national hero's death?
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I love Tekken bro, but after seeing the reference, I feel so wrong for laughing at this

Excellent job, dude!
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is funny, great job 
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I used the illustration for a montage on our website assessing the reactions that I got online in regards to Josie:…

I hope the credit I gave in the picture is appropriate.
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Oh ok, use it however you wish :)
Tho im not very proficient in photoshop, i could have added Jose Rizal's actual death pose on background (faded image)
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Thanks. If I have the time, I'll make your idea a reality. Clap 
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>Josie Rizal hit from the back
>By a Spanish Fighter

This is too meta for me.
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>Josie Rizal hit from the back
> hit from the back

please don't give me any more ideas ano- reighreigh18 :fear:
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Great reference man!
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why you BT against Miguel :o
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oh its tekken gaming term.. BT = backturned... means ur open to attack XD
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Josie got FO'ed. FUEGO'ed hhahahahaha =)))

Josie Ultimo Adios =))
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OMG the reference.
Love you man
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uu tangina din yung issue sa kanya ng mga OA na NCCA lel 
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