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..i was thinking about the old times here on DA..:D
..and i remember the "MB3D Game" :)

and i want it back to life :)

soo.. , here i ask you all for be a candidate , maybe :)

The idea behind the MB3D Game:
Players 1-5 send <bold>ONLY</bold> their parameters to the next in line. Do <bold>NOT</bold> post your image on DA!
Instead, please upload your image to your <bold>Stash</bold> and send the link to me.
Player number 6 makes the final image and can post it to DA.
I then submit the step-by-step image so everyone can see how the initial image evolved into the final one.
<bold>After</bold> I have submitted the step-by-step image, you are all free to post your own images!

the rules are :

a group of 6 players
the first did sum nice with MB3D and send the params to the 2nd candidate
the 2nd candidate can change the params as follow: can change one (but NOT the first ) formula , can add-remove one formula
when finish , send to the 3 candidate....and so on..till the 6 candidate
He did the final pic 
and , when he/she will ,is the first player in the next round with 5 other candidates

every candidate pls send a link to your works to me 
so i can do and the end of the round a "step by step" preview to the final pic :)
rendersize pls in " 1920 x 1080
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Is there a place free in this game ?
I'd like to take part.