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Wow Incredible and So Delicious---
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Mt legal kra!!
Coincidentemente eu vetorizei esse msm carro ae q vc usou!! heheheheh
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awesome stuff dude!
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awesome as hell!!
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Hmmm what a great job :thumbsup: Looks awesome =)
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Pretty nice, man.
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truly amazing idea and technic!
GRatula + fav
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mto fodAaAaAaAa!!!!!!
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Really cool (and it also inspirate me :innocent: )
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nice shit imma fav this and watchya
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wow viper that is fiya... seriosly nice (btw this is perfect from stream-side)
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love the detail on the right side its so cool and the few colours used are so vibrant and fit wickedly good effort! :highfive:
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FUCK ME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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First thing in my mind... James Dean... :| Im globalizated
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Sinistro, fav na certa ^^ só acho que tu tem que maneirar no sharpen em alguns pontos, tipo nas retas mais finas e nas shapes mais suaves... os splats do Spazz ficaram ótimos de rosa ali ^^!
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Muito perfeito amiguinhow. o.O

+fav com certeza. :D
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So damn cool :fav:
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