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[ Hobbes is a character created and copyright to Bill Watterson ]


His name is Hobbes... he's a stuffed tiger ^_^

this is a fun little vector trace I did of a frame in a calvin and hobbes comic... I then made it into a 1600x1200 wallpaper.


version without text: [link]
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woah this would be an awesome pc wall paper o3o

mind if i try it?
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A pack of various sizes would be nice, since it's a vector that would be really easy :P
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This is really great!

I just changed my Wallpaper !
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*did you know: when sway first made gagastudios he had a previous logo character, but he ditvhed the idea after he noticed he looked way to much like calvin: *the more you know
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yea, same here... cept my character looked far to much like Megaman

*the more you know
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Whohoooo! I just LOVE that comic, it's so funny and cute... :)
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yea, it was a big part of my childhood... I :heart: calvin and hobbes ^_^
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