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Ogenn Pokemon Splices



Pokemon from GEN or future used ones. 8-)
Please critique me. =D
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This is a WONDERFUL way to show your sprites. And These Are very Talent sprites. I love All of These Sprites, and even some of these look like they could as well be there own type of pokemon. Another thing is, The Vision of the sprites are very clear, and un pixel( doesn't look horrible because of the pixels) I DO see a lot of Art with Sprites on it But you use many differnt speices of pokemon and ones that would most likely very difficult. One of the sprites that really stuck out the most to me was The Arbock (i think i spelt it correctly) and Steelix sprite. I feel in love with this sprite as soon as i saw it, i look fansitacily in 3D shape, and the "eyes" on the Arbock's hood looks PERFECT on here, which was one thing i feel in love with(this sounds like i'm doing a critique on this one sprite lol) you captured both of their features, and chose one texture. That Goes For all of you sprites. This is a WonderFul Sprite"work" to enjoy and look at.
P.S I really don't do critiques so i hope this is fair and good for you all.<img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=";)" title=";) (Wink)"/>