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MG5300 series
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This is simply wonderful :) I feel as though I might have seen this idea in a video game because it's really charming and very godlike in some way. 
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thank you so much! :) actually I was inspired from TV series Doctor Who (episode The Beast Below)
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I love your style!  So awesome when Facebook throws up cool art on my feed.  You are one to watch.
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awww, thank you so much <3
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Absolutely beautiful, love it. Makes me feel compelled to go out there with my sketch book and paint stories. Heart 
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Thank you very much <3
I'm glad you like it C:
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Beautiful art, and great concept, reminds me of the old turtle idea of the universe. Thank-you.
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Amazing artworkHeart ;) (Wink) ! Really catches emotions;) (Wink) !
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Úžasné! Naprosto nádherné
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*Immediately wants to animate that picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Extreme La  -YEAAAH!!!

Considering I have to ask permission first, I'll get my best business person to ask you.

Dancing suit cat.  -Suit cat would like to ask for your permission for MrMemeGuy (MrMeamGuy) to use your picture for animation purposes.
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This is quite pretty enjoying how you did the buildings well done
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Love you imagination, nice work!
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A whale and a town, both with colors all around. Beautiful work, and it seems to tell a story in a way. Looks amazing! 
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This is really pretty, I love how warm the lighting looks in that little town! Great work! :D 
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it reminds me of a Doctor Who Episode, where the United Kingdom was on the back of a star whale…
jemgirl's avatar
I was going to say that. The floating country of the UK. With the 11th Doctor. :)
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that's the one.  Good episode
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Yeah. Good but sad too. At least until everything was sorted. :)
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Bit of a Whovian huh?
jemgirl's avatar

I jumped ship when the last doctor showed up. He shouldn't be there. After what River did for him back when he was dying, there shouldn't be anymore. I think I might have given the old guy a chance. I didn't really care that he became old, but I don't think I could have done it. I might have seen one ep after his last change and I haven't felt compelled to go find out what he's up to. :shrug:
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