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Zero Two

By vioriie
uploading unfinished/sketch work until my replacement tablet arrives (should be a week or less!)
002 from darling in the franxx
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I wish i was in Hiro's position

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Her expression is soooo cute!^^
hope you get your new tablet soon!^^
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Flawlessly!  Have no commentLove 
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wow its so awesome *o*
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Is it bad that i like the more uhh evil? Zero Two? like in the new episode (ep 16) She was as sweet as a flower when like and episode before that she was like "Lemme show you what happens after kissing"
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nice n w n 

I love how you made the hair
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It's so beatiful! Oh I understand you are a perv! :)
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thanks?? not sure why you said that though..
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Zero two said. And I wrote it.
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ah sorry my bad! wasn't sure of the context
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This is so beautiful; I love how delicate and expressive her face is~
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This is beautiful and lovely~. I think I see some techniques that resemble if not seem inspired by WLOPS ?
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I like that artist but nope not inspired by them specifically! Thank you!
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devilishly beautiful!
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whoa beautiful job!
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Truly incredible! Your style is so nice to see here no kidding^^ Love to see some action scenes done in your style! I's up to you~ Well done here!
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Thank you! I'd like to do more dynamic stuff in the future!
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Hey your welcome! And look don't worry about it if you don't wanna or if you can't, I'm just suggesting is all^^ Just do your best alright?
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Of course! No worries, I understand you fine ^_^
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