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Sketching Through Life
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GF - Catchup in Weirdmageddon


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GF - Catchup in Weirdmageddon


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ATG IV Day 13- A Smaller Family


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ATG IV Day 15- An Era's End

Artist Training Ground

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TULLoDS- Multiplied: Chapter 2

Walks through the Everfree Forest are not a common thought to the average pony in Ponyville. The chaotic nature of the foliage as it wraps itself uncontrollably around anything it brushes; its inhabitants of immensely dangerous, albeit wondrous, nature; its dark and humid climate; all of these contribute to its reputation as a forbidden place to the normal pony. Many have lost themselves in the cold woods, its thick canopy creating night from day and fear from hope with only a couple of small shafts of light to guide those within. This particular wood however became something of a common occurrence to Dusk Shine, travelling through it on num


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The Dream World in General


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