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Commission Status: CLOSED, But taking two reservations for late June, 2014.

I'm opening myself for commissions this coming July, but taking two slots early for those who are interested. And only two slots, in order to not bog myself with too much work, and to be fair to the future clients in turn.

I'm open to almost any subject (ladies and / or males), except for rape, gore, overtly underage characters, and scat (poop).

Here's my prices, with visual aides (some of which hails from my original, more wholesome DeviantART account):

Free Range Pencil Sketches (single character subject) = $9 Per Chosen Character

Anthro-Bunny Porn Star Sketches by VioletVixenPro

Pencil Sketch with Basic Digital Coloring (single character full-body or upper torso portraits) = $14 Each

Vivian Fang For Nightman9999 by Enshohma  Pinky Torpedo September 2013 CENSORED by VioletVixenPro

Fully Inked and Colored Single Character Portrait (clothed or topless), with Simplistic Colored Backgrounds = $20 Each

Veesha Deathspine All By Herself by VioletVixenPro  Enchantress Karndess for March 2014 by VioletVixenPro  Something For Miss Amour by Enshohma

Fully Inked and Colored Single Character Pin-Ups (full-body, clothed or nude) with Simplistic Colored Backgrounds = $25 Each

Fully Inked and Colored Single Character Pin-Ups (full-body, clothed or nude) with Complex Backgrounds = $37 Each

Countess Bustina by Enshohma  Synthea For King Monster by Enshohma

Additional characters included with the first (wholesome posing OR doing naughty things to each other) = $10 Per Additional Character

Mature Content

Rear Ended Cover by VioletVixenPro

If you have any further questions, please contact me through DA's private messaging system.
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Submitted on
June 1, 2014
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