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Big boobed blond cowgirls who also happen to be Centaurs...

:iconvale-city: has found one of my many fatal weaknesses yet again!

For this edition of Random Babes, we take a gander at the short lived (literally) character of Bell Brown, who appears in the three-page vore comic The Contest, drawn by Vale-City as a commission from someone named Karloon.

From what little backstory we get, Bell Brown is an eating contest champion originating from her hometown in Northern Texas, and who enters a televised pizza eating contest where this plucky young country girl is about to win the titular contest, before getting devoured by her New York-based opponent Vicky Root.

The contest by Vale-city 

Mature Content

The contest 2 by Vale-city

Mature Content

The contest 3 by Vale-city

Like a lot of vore comics, this one is mainly done for the fetish itself and with a humorous slant thrown in, but I have to wonder the more tragic consequences of Bell Browns doom at the hands and hooves of Vicky Root. Like did Bell have family and friends waiting back home for her, only to be terrified by seeing their beloved town heroine swallowed whole on live television? Did Bell have a loving and, I'm assuming, well-hung (she's a Centaur after all) human boyfriend who now seeks revenge for this injustice?

I think too much about this stuff, huh? That or I keep fancying the vore victims over the vore vixens, though Vicky Root is pretty hot too, admittedly.
Fulgrim181 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2017
You might have overthought this just a bit.
VioletVixenPro Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Yeah...I tend to do that a lot with vore victims I fancy.
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