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:iconphoenix-fightmaster:, alias Casey, is an old artist friend of mine who've done some great giant monster, monster girl, and vore illustrations including some nifty fan pieces dedicated to my various original characters.

Bustina by Phoenix-Fightmaster Queen Noleena by Phoenix-Fightmaster

Mature Content

Fragical Mog Girl by Phoenix-Fightmaster

She's an extremely active and talented artist who, unfortunately, has come into some bad luck of late.

You see, Casey's old computer has finally died on her and she's low on funds and is requesting donations, small and large alike, through her PayPal to reach a goal of securing a new one. If you want to help my friend out, you can read on how to in the following journal entry from her end:

Please helpWell, the worst has finally come to be. My computer is well and truly dead. All my files, all my WIPs, everything. At this time, I have no choice but to buy a new one. Unfortunately, my funds aren't quite up to it. I ask anyone who is willing, now, for help. If anyone wants to donate, my PayPal is and hopefully, I can be back in action soon.                                      
EDIT: WELL! I always knew I could count on you guys in a crisis, but I didn't expect it to happen that fast! I have just placed the order for a replacement. Dog-willing, I'll be back on my feet in a few days. Thank you so much, everyone!

I hope we can all add to the donations and get Casey back to doing more awesome monster compilations like the following:

Prage by Mecha-GREGOLE Ultrakaiju by Mecha-GREGOLE
Daiei by Mecha-GREGOLE Atomic Horror dump by Mecha-GREGOLE
Gts by Mecha-GREGOLE Ultra classics by Mecha-GREGOLE
Here's her stand alone monster pictures featuring fan art and originals alike:

Day 12: Cryptic Colossi by Mecha-GREGOLE Krystalak by Mecha-GREGOLE
13 Spooks: The Weeping Reaper by Mecha-GREGOLE Day 1: Awesome Arachnids by Mecha-GREGOLE
Slut by Mecha-GREGOLE Otachi by Mecha-GREGOLE
Leatherback by Mecha-GREGOLE Rodan by Mecha-GREGOLE
Godzilla by Mecha-GREGOLE Gangira by Mecha-GREGOLE
Day 2: Ostentatious Ophedians by Mecha-GREGOLE Gateway beatdown: Spectra by Mecha-GREGOLE
Spacegodzilla by Mecha-GREGOLE 13 Spooks: Gangira by Mecha-GREGOLE
Raiju by Mecha-GREGOLE 13 Spooks: Jackson by Mecha-GREGOLE
Battleship by Mecha-GREGOLE The Mass by Mecha-GREGOLE

Finally, some sexy vore selections:

Mature Content

Vaguely demonish bluish white pred lady by Phoenix-Fightmaster

Mature Content

An assortment of monstergirls by Phoenix-Fightmaster

Mature Content

Reeled in by Phoenix-Fightmaster

Mature Content

A Creeping Terror by Phoenix-Fightmaster

Seating by Phoenix-Fightmaster 

Mature Content

Authentic Bulgarian Miak by Phoenix-Fightmaster

Mature Content

COMM - Terror Toad by Phoenix-Fightmaster
  Zyra by Mecha-GREGOLE
Day 9: Devilish Djinn by Mecha-GREGOLE  Day 7: Suave Sirens by Mecha-GREGOLE
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November 16, 2017


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