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Veesha Deathspine All By Herself by VioletVixenPro Veesha Deathspine All By Herself by VioletVixenPro
Toshi OUT of character:

Here's a slightly more kosher version of the original, more graphic illustration, with just Veesha all by herself.

This horrible demoness is named Veesha Deathspine, and was created for a Hentai comic involving various Hell-spawned monsters, having their sexual ways with willing, but ultimately doomed, human sinners. The tale starts in Hell, but moves up onto the Surface World, when an outcastWhite Succubus escapes there without permission.

Veesha Deathspine is a three-horned bruiser, and is one of several demons sent to retrieve or kill The White Succubus, before she causes too much damage above.

Despite her mission, Veesha is still quite evil herself. And although more restrained than the soul-sucking White Succubus, she still delights is having harsh sex with any human unlucky enough to get with her. Veesha is fully female most of the time, but can magically alter her body to become a very 'large-sized' hermaphrodite.

This demon-filled story was heavily inspired by now, long defunct company Verotik, which specialized in erotic comics with extreme horror and gore elements. Although my planned series of shorts are less graphic in the blood department, there will still be a lot of 'death-by-horny-demon' for many of the hapless humans who'll appear in it. And to be further frank, Veesha's design could use some re-working.

I promise a way more wholesome Hentai heroine in my next update!
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January 14, 2014
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