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Tangerine - January 2016 by VioletVixenPro Tangerine - January 2016 by VioletVixenPro
Tangerine is a gorgeous slime giantess created by :iconshinn3: and is one of my favorite creations of his, despite her habit of eating young men.

I wanted to do a hentai-vore comic, where Tangerine disposes two failed henchmen of the jumbo-breasted mutant Vivian Fang, by first having sex with them and then by gobbling the two up.

However :iconshinn3: didn't want Tangerine in such a racy comic, and despite sketching out the first four pages, I happily obliged and abandoned the story. Here's some choice Tangerine sketches from the dropped project, and yes, that's Vivian at the bottom who's getting her massive boobs milked, by robotic tubes.

And here's another awesome picture of Tangerine, about to enjoy another tasty boy by a lake.
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CompactorFlame Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2016
I've seen so little of Vivian anywhere...I'm interested to see more.
Enshohma Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Than you'll be happy to see this latest update from VVPro.

Mature Content

Vivian Fang - June 2016 by VioletVixenPro
CompactorFlame Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2016
A lot of these do look familiar.
shinn3 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
interesting, you did good sketches here!  I'm glad you enjoy my Slime! ^^

I feel a little guilty because you have abandoned the project...
VioletVixenPro Featured By Owner May 31, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Don't feel bad about it - she's your creation and you had every right to deny my twisted request. And even though you've changed that ruling, I don't think I'll get to the Tangerine hentai comic anytime soon, seeing how I have more pressing matters.
shinn3 Featured By Owner May 31, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
okay, no problem! ^^
Enshohma Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Since you know me and my connection to this piece, I'll reply from my main account; Don't feel bad about the project being canceled, as you know Tangerine would have gone 'all the way' with the two human henchmen before sucking them both up...literally and figuratively alike. And you wanted to protect Tangerine from such smut, so I respected your wishes then. though if you change you mind...let me know!
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January 20, 2016
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