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Gomu's Late Night Snack Cover - December 2015 by VioletVixenPro Gomu's Late Night Snack Cover - December 2015 by VioletVixenPro
UPDATE: Added a much need title text to this comic cover.


The cover for a commissioned comic being done for :iconnightman9999: , featuring the bodacious mutant femme-fatals Phantom Lady and Karin Son, from the made-for-video Hentai series "Angel Blade".

Here's :iconnightman9999: Introduction for "Gomu's Late Night Snack"

The following story, revolves around group of wanted deviant sexual miscreants the demonic mother Phantom Lady, and her daughter Karin Son, two super mutants, who've kidnapped and seized a group young coeds as their sexual play things.

For weeks, the pair have had their way with the girls, engaging in all kinds of weird perverted acts, getting down and dirty in more ways than one as their prisoners' domicile has been filled to brim with garbage, stuffing every room like an indoor trash dump.

However, nothing goes to waste in this house as the two deviant mutants prepare to feed the refuse to their slaves, little knowing that leaving too much trash around for too long can be hazardous to their health.

And even more dangerous, and more perverted fiend joins the party, when trash a bag takes life of own, however this is no ordinary trash bag, for this is Gomu, the Spirit of Garbage.

Drawn to accumulation of filth, present and lude, perverted evil centered in the house, Gomu soon makes clear she wishes to join in on the fun, as she morphs from simple animated bag garbage, into quite sexy, bouncy, curvy garbage bag woman.

However, it soon becomes clear, that this horny garbage spirit is interested in more than just just plain sexual deviant acts, which could spell doom for all those present.

It could be that trash that takes them out, instead of the other way around!


Rubbergirl vs Gomu, Pg 3

Rubbergirl vs Gomu, Pg 5.
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