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Mu puppies in there Christmas sweaters! by VioletTutu Mu puppies in there Christmas sweaters! :iconviolettutu:VioletTutu 0 1 my  front yard is flooding  by VioletTutu my front yard is flooding :iconviolettutu:VioletTutu 0 0 the moment when your dog wants your mom more then  by VioletTutu the moment when your dog wants your mom more then :iconviolettutu:VioletTutu 0 6 another valture on my walk by VioletTutu another valture on my walk :iconviolettutu:VioletTutu 0 6 Ollie look at me like I am crazy  by VioletTutu Ollie look at me like I am crazy :iconviolettutu:VioletTutu 1 6 snow it melts before it hits  the ground  by VioletTutu snow it melts before it hits the ground :iconviolettutu:VioletTutu 0 6 Ollie would rather be with the pillows then me by VioletTutu Ollie would rather be with the pillows then me :iconviolettutu:VioletTutu 3 6 Ollie likes my room by VioletTutu Ollie likes my room :iconviolettutu:VioletTutu 1 0 my sister dog, little Lola  by VioletTutu my sister dog, little Lola :iconviolettutu:VioletTutu 1 0 big little tongue  by VioletTutu big little tongue :iconviolettutu:VioletTutu 1 0 sweet stray kitty  by VioletTutu sweet stray kitty :iconviolettutu:VioletTutu 1 0 mr. squirrel is scared by VioletTutu mr. squirrel is scared :iconviolettutu:VioletTutu 0 0 I was a sleep by VioletTutu I was a sleep :iconviolettutu:VioletTutu 1 23 Olie Oliver  wants popcorn  by VioletTutu Olie Oliver wants popcorn :iconviolettutu:VioletTutu 2 30 the moon during the morning  by VioletTutu the moon during the morning :iconviolettutu:VioletTutu 0 4 stage at acl by VioletTutu stage at acl :iconviolettutu:VioletTutu 0 22


TMNT Fanfic - To Death And Back [Ch.5]: Teetering
Master Splinter blinked.
The atmosphere had become suspensefully quiet - somewhat like a hospital. He and his sons were all in the lair - one motionlessly lying on a makeshift medical bed, a mattress on the floor, one sitting in a chair fiddling his thumbs, one pacing back and forth across the floor and another sitting on the floor against the couch with his head in his arms. They'd already been back for almost two days, but they were still as worried and fidgety as when they came in, carrying their smallest brother.
He was shocked when he saw the state they were in - especially Mikey. He was covered in blood and battle injuries, his right arm and calve were pierced, his left arm was broken, multiple ribs were cracked, he had burns all over and - for some reason - down his throat, he'd lost far too much blood, his breathing was shallow and his heart was weak, relapsing into cardiac arrest four times after they arrived. The three of them had tried to hash out some sort of manic explan
:icondoodledumble:DoodleDumble 42 10
TMNT - Turtle Tots - Confusion
     “Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!”
      Master Splinter looked up from his book, All About Turtles, to see his four two-year-old sons running into the living room towards him. “What is it my sons?”
     “Whose awe we?” Mikey giggled and pointed to the red mask he was wearing instead of his usual orange.
      Master Splinter chuckled when he realized what they meant. “Did you all switch masks to confuse me?”
     The boys all grinned up at him, trying to stifle their giggles behind their small hands. Even though they had switched masks, he could tell his sons apart quite easily since they all had distinct features. Leonardo was a slightly darker green than his three younger brothers and he was tallest by at least an inch. Donatello had a tooth gap that showed when he smiled. Michelangelo was the shortest and had freckles. Raphael had a small crack on the top left side of
:iconjaboon:Jaboon 130 49
TMNT Halloween Special Master Splinter's Story
After the last story and the candy bag was pretty much empty, you and the turtles were about ready to pack it up and turn in for the night.  Raphael, Michelangelo and Leonardo began to pick up the candy wrappers.  Donatello brought out a trash bag so his brothers could put the garbage in it.  As you were about to help pick up and put away the pillows someone quietly entered the room.
"Good evening," A deep voice said.
Everyone jumped almost dropping what they had in their hands, turned around, and sighed.  It was only Master Splinter.  You honestly thought you were going to have a heart attack for a moment there. 
"What are you all up too?"  Master Splinter asked.
"We're just telling scary stories, we're just about to wrap it up for the night," you replied.
"Interesting, would it be alright if I told you a story of my own?"  Master Splinter asked.
You and the turtles looked at each other with slight unease.  The turtles i
:iconbluewolf14:bluewolf14 37 10
TMNT - Rocking The Cradle by merrypaws TMNT - Rocking The Cradle :iconmerrypaws:merrypaws 847 68
TMNT Master Splinter X StudentChubbyReader Beauty
You were currently practicing your katas with your best friend April and the turtles, but you weren't feeling into it today.  Master Splinter took notice of this right away, usually you were quite focused with your training.  Even though you couldn't do all the moves because you were chubby but you trained just as hard as everyone else.  He found your diligence and hard work quite admirable.  As the lesson continued, he could tell by your expression that something was bothering you.
"That will be enough for today you are dismissed," Master Splinter said.
You stretched yourself out a little then April walked up toward you.
"______, are you feeling ok?"  April asked.
"Oh, yeah I'm fine," you replied. 
April tilted her head slightly, "You sure?"
You shrugged, "Yeah, I guess I'm just a little tired."
Donatello appeared next to you, "Maybe you're coming down with something."
"No, I don't think so," you replied.
Before you could leave the dojo wit
:iconbluewolf14:bluewolf14 63 8
Luna's Reply
How my deeds pain me as time stretches long
How could I have hurt them this way?
So rest easy now, my punishment’s mine
The weight of my crimes are my own
But into that stillness you brought me your song
With your voice my company kept
For your tired eyes and sweet lullabies
In exile I pay you my debt
Once did a pony who gleamed like the moon
Look out on her kingdom and sigh
Dejected she cried, “Surely there is no pony
“Who loves me, or finds any love in my night.”
So great was her pain, she rose in rebellion
Against those who cared for her most
She let the Nightmare fall on those she ruled
And threatened to grip them in permanent cold
Lullay, dear Tia, good night sister mine
Rest now in starlight’s embrace
May this cool lullaby reach you in dreams
And ease you your passage of days
May my apologies find you this night
And may my sorrow in kind
Tia, you loved me much more than I knew
Forgive me for being so blind
Soon did her sister do what was demanded
:iconswords-and-bandages:Swords-and-Bandages 315 91
That Time of Month: Ouran Host Club x Reader pt. 2
Cake and Cuties
Tamaki’s POV-
You were shocked. You had just been unceremoniously pushed out into ______’s front hallway, but that wasn’t what was bothering you. How was it that this poor girl was suffering so much when there was something you could do to help? No. This was unacceptable.
Waking from your stupor you noticed the rest of the Host Club making for the front door. “Not so fast men,” you declared. “How can you even think of leaving when there is a poor damsel here who is obviously in need of our help?” Your flair for theatrics was starting to get the better of you. “Is it not the duty of the Ouran High School Host Club to ensure the happiness of every young lady who comes into our company?” At this you received a few tentative nods of approval but you were on a roll. “Lying in that room is a maiden who is very much in need of our abilities! We must ensure the happiness of miss ______ _______!” Beckoning
:iconnizhonii:Nizhonii 170 12
That Time of Month: Ouran Host Club x Reader pt. 1
Oh dear God, why? You rolled over and groaned, the sudden movement sending a shock of pain through your lower abdomen. If there was any time you hated being female, now would be it. You couldn’t remember the last time you had cramps like this. It felt like some kind of rabid animal was trying to tear a hole through your stomach and to make matters worse, the pain killers you had taken earlier seemed to have no effect on the agony ripping its way through your body. You curled up into a fetal position, breathing through your nose as a wave of nausea hit you. Thank goodness your mother had let you stay home today, you just don’t know how you would have made it through in one piece, or, at the very least, without killing somebody.
As if on cue your cell phone started to ring. Speaking of killing someone today… You reached out, blindly groping for your phone that sat just out of reach on your nightstand. How freaking perfect. You propped yourself up on an el
:iconnizhonii:Nizhonii 324 47
Mature content
Ratigan's Kinky Plan :iconbasilratiganrape:basilratiganrape 22 25
Whump!Sherlock fic pt. 2 (Untitled)
   "Hello, Lestrade here."
   "Greg? Oh my God, I'm so glad you picked up the phone, I need your help now."
   "John? Why, what's up? You all right?" Lestrade's voice immediately changed to concern.
   John had a strange urge to either laugh or to cry, which he wildly fought back against. Running his fingers through his cropped hair, he tried desperately to explain to Lestrade what was wrong. "It's Sherlock. He's been assaulted, and I'm pretty sure he was- was-" 
   He couldn't finish without his voice breaking. "Raped."
   "Holy shit." There was a silence over the phone for a few seconds. "John, hold on, I'm sending over a car immediately." There was another silence for about a minute. Then Lestrade was back. "John, keep Sherlock where he is, don't let him do anything or go anywhere. We're gonna take him to the hospital. Oh my God. Is he alright?"
   "No, not at all," John said, struggling to keep himself
:icontrekkiekidmaddie:trekkiekidmaddie 14 13
MrPandS: Nobody's Perfect I - Chapter 1
Title: Nobody's Perfect
Rated: T
Movie: Mr. Peabody and Sherman (movie universe)
Pairing(s): Peabody/ OC, Implied Penny/ Sherman
Genre: Drama/ Family/ Friendship/ Romance/ Angst
Summary: ~ I ~ 'There was no such thing as being perfect. Even I wasn't perfect.' Mr. Peabody and Sherman's life after the movie... Father/son moments, Peabody/OC
Warning: There are spoilers from the movie in this fanfic. I recommended not reading this fanfic if you have not seen the movie.
You have been warn!
Disclaimer: I don't own Mr. Peabody and Sherman. Dreamworks, Jay Ward, and Ted Key does.
                                       ~*~ I: Camelot ~*~
Chapter 1: Night terrors

"Mr. Peabody..."
A spotlight was flashed on top of me, its light blinding my sight. While my eyes adjusted to the bright lights, the judge continued to speak.
"For endangering your son,
:iconmiss-storyholic:Miss-Storyholic 5 0
Mature content
Batman x Reader :Oneshot: Silence :iconmunch1111:munch1111 119 14
Dragon warrior of Shin Makoku.
Dragon warrior of Shin Makoku...chapter 3
Side note: people in Japan say the last name first and the first name last .e.g. Murata Ken. So if the characters are saying a name when speaking I will be writing it like that, but when they're not I'll be writing it the way that's normal for me .e.g. Ken Murata.
Warning: this anime/manga doesn't belong to me (I wish it did lol), it belongs to Tomo Takabayashi and i'm really bad at tenses, so if hardly anything makes sense thats why. Sorry. Also I will be calling Murata by his first name (Ken) now instead, just like I do for the other charas.
Subbed anime: Kyo Kara Moah
Type: Gunter/OC….yaoi (boyxboy)
"Sailors and a Spoiled Brat" (Part 2) *don't worry it is part 2 of the chap before it. I'm just following the episode titles.*
"A ship! A bloody ship! A death trap if you ask me!" Ryuu whiningly thinks as he finds himself, not long after they decided to go find 'Morgif', lying next to Wolfram on one of the two beds in the room, who also ha
:iconpalemoonlitnight051:palemoonlitnight051 2 0
Lullaby For A Princess by ponyphonic Lyrics
Fate has been cruel and order unkind
How can I have sent you away?
The blame was my own; the punishment, yours
The harmony's silent today
But into the stillness I'll bring you a song
And I will your company keep
Till your tired eyes and my lullabies
Have carried you softly to sleep
Once did a pony who shone like the sun
Look out on her kingdom and sigh
She smiled and said, "Surely, there is no pony
So lovely and so well beloved as I"
So great was her reign and so brilliant her glory
That long was the shadow she cast
Which fell dark upon the young sister she loved
And grew only darker as days and nights passed
Lullay moon princess, goodnight sister mine
And rest now in moonlight's embrace
Bear up my lullaby, winds of the earth
Through cloud, and through sky, and through space
Carry the peace and the coolness of night
And carry my sorrow in kind
Luna, you're loved so much more than you know
Forgive me for being so blind
Soon did that pony take notice that others
Did not give her sister h
:iconsongxlyrics:SongxLyrics 261 43
Life with the Avengers part 1
Life with the Avengers: part 1
Avengers X Reader
"Give up now, you know you can not beat me" he says, not blinking an eye.
"You wish," you say not daring breaking concentration. Sweat drips down the side of your face as you struggle to bring him down.
"I'm back" Steve says, carrying a bag of groceries.
"Did you get my pop-tarts?" Thor says looking away from you.
You smile and take advantage of the moment by forcing his hand onto the table.
"I win" you say, jumping up and down with excitement. Thor curses under his breath, before rushing over to Steve.
"So what have you guys been doing?" Steve asks, placing the grocery bag down on the table.
"(y/n) and myself were playing a game called the wrestling of arms" Thor announces, through a mouth full of pop-tart.
"You mean MY pop-tarts, I won the bet. And it's arm wrestling" you correct him, grabbing a pop tart.
Thor glowers at you.
"Bruce and Tony are in the lab doing, god knows what, Natasha's in the training room, and I have know idea wher
:iconthefanfreakers:Thefanfreakers 207 33
Petshop of Horrors - Count D by rah-bop Petshop of Horrors - Count D :iconrah-bop:rah-bop 798 138
I went zoo today, it was a lot of fun. I met this weird creature, it called okapi, it a mix between  zebra(not like ee sound),girraffe, and horse. It is so cute.


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