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States: New Hampshire
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Published: August 9, 2011
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Human Name: Ethan Jones
Human Age: Mid 20s
Personality: New Hampshire is classy, flirtatious, and caring. He's a bit of a romantic and loves outdoors. He is a little perverted but usually doesn't show it to anyone else besides Vermont. Around women he is very high class and sometimes protective. His ego is kind of big, and he is outgoing. At a party he would be very entertaining and at the end probably bring home a few ladies. He is much like his Papa France just not nearly as dramatic and emotional. He is very laid back at home and Vermont usually has to clean because New Hampshire can't be bothered. He describes himself as being able to love all genders.

Hobbies/Interests: Fishing, hiking, dating, watching tv, and hanging out with Vermont.

History: When New Hampshire was a young boy both France and England were the first to discover him. He was raised in England's control, but he would always sneak off to go play with Vermont, and even though he wasn't technically France's, France grew to love him like his other territories. Years went by though and soon New Hampshire would fine himself being controlled by not only England but Massachusetts as well. New Hampshire had always been a free spirit and two people bossing him around made him stressed and angry. Mass and him had many fights, and he constantly bad mouthed England. America tried to reassure him everything would be ok. After much harassment England agreed to let New Hampshire be separate from Massachusetts. The Seven Years War made France give up all his territory claims and New Hampshire still feels a little betrayed about it. America and New Hampshire grew very close over these years that led up to the Revolution and finally he became the first colony to establish independence and write his own constitution. However he revokes being the first saying instead that the title belongs to little Rhode Island. He would later come to America's aid many times, always being a very patriotic state. Unlike Vermont, New Hampshire still remains very close to America and doesn't want to separate from him.

Appearance: He has light brown hair and blue eyes. His face usually has some kind of smile plastered on it, usually a smirk or some smug look. He is considered handsome, which aids him in his pursuit of tail. He has some facial hair on his chin and on the top of his head is a cowlick that represents Star Island, not erogenous. He is about the same height as Vermont.


America: He is close to America and willing to fight for him.

Vermont: Vermont is his best friend with benefits. The two have been close since their childhood and they can usually be found at each other's houses. They're extremely close and sometimes people think its quite odd.

Maine: New Hampshire is extremely protective over Maine just like Vermont. He is somewhat closer to Maine because he understands her view that sometimes Vermont sounds kind of crazy when he speaks of becoming independent from America.

Massachusetts: Though they had a rocky relationship before, during the Revolution they bonded finally and their relationship is still a bit of a rivalry, but its usually in good humor.

New York: NH usually likes to tease and flirt with her. She just pushes him to the side, uninterested.

France: Like Vermont New Hampshire is very close to France.

Canada: Bros for life.


Half hippy, half French, all upper-class.

(Sorry these drawing are all shit, I just finished them like in 10 minutes so I could finally put this damn thing up here)
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Rockpup5Hobbyist General Artist
HIS EYES ARE STILL SPARKLY. It's like, tough-guy-with-sunglasses *takes off glasses* SPARKLE~~~

(Now I can show him off to the Hetalia Club with Vermont. But not as much as Vermont 'cause I didn't really make you make him. :P)
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They are less girly than before xD
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