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States: Arizona
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Published: April 5, 2011
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Human Name: William Jones.
Human Age: Eh probably somewhere in his early 20s you'll notice most of my ages are vague.

Personality: Quick to anger, and a bit of a loner, Arizona comes off pretty odd to other states, He doesn't interact much with his neighbors so he has lots of time to think. He is not so much bright as he is just really determined to master something he takes an interest in. If one was to tell him he can't do something he would try and try until he could do that task perfectly. He can be a hot head sometimes especially in politics when he tries to express his views. He often has a hard time expressing himself eloquently and if he gets to flustered he will most likely start shouting. However this is not to be mistaken that he is violent. Arizona cannot fight to save his life, and wouldn't want to anyways. He very much likes things around him to stay calm so he doesn't upset his fowl temper. He prefers to be alone usually, but he cares a lot abotu those who reach out for him, if you were his friend he might not want to hang out with you on the weekend, but he'll save your life no matter what.

Hobbies/Interests: Studying Old Prussian, History, Prussian History, anything to do with Prussia, rocks, mining, hiking(Grand Canyon and anything that goes down), minerals, caves, exploring, painting, reading, barbecue food, jewelry, space, astronomy, and anything having to do with rocks.

History: As a baby he was brought up by ancient people he barely remembers the only thing he can recall is that they left him when it became hot and water was disappearing.His early life to him is very blurry, however more Native Americans settles there and built homes inside the cliffs, he stayed with them where he grew up as a child. Later Spain would come creeping around and Arizona was skittish around him. Spain spied on Arizona and his people on his search for gold. Spain was disappointed later to find that Arizona had no gold to offer him. However Spain digressed and later built missions to teach Arizona Christianity. Arizona embraced it a lot better than California or Texas, and Spain was quite pleased. However he lost interest in Arizona before he really grew attached to him and therefore Arizona views Spain today as an okay guy unlike his fellow Mission states who despise him. Mexico then declared independence and took Arizona under his control. Arizona grew to hate Mexico because he worked him much harder in farming that Spain ever did. However Mexico lost the Mexican War to America and America happily took New Mexico and Arizona with him. By this time however Arizona had begun to grow sick of these new people and just wanted to be alone with his Natives. He grew bitter against new settlers and they were often attacked by native Americans.However time went on and Arizona began to be introduced to other future states. One such one was California, before he met her he never would of dreamed of even bothering for being a territory but after that he wanted desperately to do so. America approved his claim that he was a separate entity than New Mexico, and he soon set to work drafting his constitution for statehood. He became our 48th state, and began to develop further. Today he still hates Mexico, likes Spain enough, and still is bitter about his Native Americans losing their land.

Appearance: Unlike most states he's retained a lot of his native American looks, and is very tan from working in the farms to mining ore from rocks. He has dark black hair that resembles Justin Beiber's I think personally. He has green eyes that sometime appear light or dark. Usually depends on how his clothes make them look. On his back he has a large scar given to him by Colorado, this scar represents the Grand Canyon and he is often embarrassed that people from all over come to view it. (Please note that the he can actually physically go to the Grand Canyon as most states can actually physically go to any part of their land. )


America: He butts heads with America often on how to run things and which ways are right. However over time he has become a true patriot for his country and is willing to serve for him when it comes to the military. Sometimes though he dislikes the way America shows no respect for his history or people.

Prussia: He's kind of obsessed, the only American who can speak Prussian fluently.

Spain: He thinks Spain as a good guardian who taught him many things, Arizona got on well with Spain unlike other states.

Mexico: Hated Mexico as a teenager, still hates Mexico.

New Mexico: He doesn't really mind her, they were closer when they were younger but have grown apart since.

Nevada: He asks her advice on affairs of the heart because he is at a loss usually when it comes to romance.

Texas: He and Texas get on pretty well, they like to talk about their dislike for Mexico, and sometimes Arizona will invite him over for a drink so they can reminisce over the good old cowboy days.

California: He loves her deeply, but because he is such an awkward loner he has never been able to confess to her. California has been led to believe that he hates her because of his outbursts while he tries to talk to her. He disagrees with a lot of the things she does, but at the end of the day he can't help but loving her anyways.

Extra: He's extremely afraid of heights. He's also one of three states in the "Prussian Fanclub" which consist of him, Texas, and Pennsylvania, You'll know why later.

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PA: Mexico feeds me (lot of taco bells in PA)
Will: ffffffffff
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hahah lot's of Taco Bell everywhere.
but every corner i see in pa,it's always taco bell
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Mexico: LOL NO

He's cute.
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<3 I'm gonna get you with my pleasant Nazis, am I right?
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Have I brought this chicken for us to eat?
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We got part hats, party hats. YEAH. Barney Barney.
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Fight, fight, fight, fight.
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This is our fight, You're no one and it's unlikely you'll have this.
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Rockpup5Hobbyist General Artist
Yay it's Arizona. :D

The Loner Rockhound State.
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