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Commission sample:Leonor



As the title says this pic is a sample of what can I do for you if you decide to choose me to draw you a commission^^

Here they go the specifications:

*Pencil Shading:$40

*Flat colors:$45
*with cell shading:$50

*Complex shading:$60 May include simple background with minor lighting for three-dimensionality

*Background: Depending on the complexity: +30 to 100%
*Additional characters: +30% price without background

*Prices are just estimated, they could be discussed.

*Commissioning me dos not give you the right to distribute or make profit out of my work WITHOUT my permission.

Texture belongs to::iconsolis-sacredotibus:

Leonor Dubois belongs to me :iconviolette-aner:
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So basically you'll start with a sketch, show it, get feedback, then do a full-color pic?