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Love - Light Painting

I finally got around to having a go at light painting tonight.
It's a lot of fun, but it's pretty tiring after about 20 x 30 second exposures and waving your arms around like a lunatic :) Writing reversed accurately in the air takes a bit of forethought too.

unedited, apart from being cropped and framed.
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Hello!:) You've been featured here: [link]
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how do you do it without being in the shot?..or can you like move out of the shot before it's done?
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I guess I was just moving too much for it to pick me up. If I'd been still for more than a few seconds you would see me.
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Lovely lol
My camera only has an exposure time of 10 seconds.
Anywho...if u wanna see some of my work here it is. I got more light painting photos on my profile if u wanna check it out.

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that is awsome how do you do it so perfectly ! :O , i m goin to try and do my first light painting tonight, i have no idea how its goin to work wish me luck tho :)
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so cute! what kind of light did you use?
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Just a regular keyring laser :)
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You did that reversed?!
That's fantastic :clap:
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Yup. From behind, so I still started with the L but wrote mirrored. Like if you wrote on the inside of a glass window. :)
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Yeah I've done it before, was just astounded at how well you did it :thumbsup: :aww:
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Can't you just write it normal and then flip the picture horizontally in photoshop? Anyhow, nice picture! I love that writing...
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Sure, but that would be cheating :)
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wowzers - I love this!
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holy cow you're good @ that! i could never get actual legible words to come out! lol
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hehe, Thank you :)
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that looks awwwesome!!!
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