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I love black stamp

By violetsteel
To place it in your journal add
in the footer.

If you use it, please let me know.

Note: You need to be a subscriber to use stamps in your journal.
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© 2007 - 2021 violetsteel
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i want to use it but i don't know how...

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Stop appropriating black culture you racist!
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its the colour, not the race dimwit
WOLF97777777's avatar
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imagine whooshing off reddit
WOLF97777777's avatar
Just imagine not seeing a sarcastic joke.
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Me too! I love the pen ink and the race! Haha. 😂😂
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Black is elegant and it goes well with every other color.
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I'm using it! :D

Black is an awesome color! :D
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Black is the best color always and it goes with everything! Using! <3
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pros of black clothing-You look like a badass

cons of black clothing-Everyone knows you own a cat
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I'm using this
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