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The Sun Sets On Quiet


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A Final Lullaby

I. As I lay beneath the velvet sky, A skeletal moon keeps a silvered watchful eye Her face littered with cracks and bruises Upon the meadow where my lover bid me die. The taste of your innocence still haunts my tongue, While phantom hairs delicately tickle my nose. Mine ear still thinks it can hear your tales, lovingly sung Of maidens, princes, and lovers naive and young. Once upon a time, you held me 'neath the sway of a portrait Moon And kissed me to the sounds of Nature's Autumn tune. You whispered your bidding and it sank deep into my soul, And it was to you that my heart wed itself, all too soon. II. You tamed Divinity's creature; a


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Lonely Flower


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Dr. Gorman

It probably seems like more than just two decades Of unruly students and other literary escapades But it seems like only days to those of us both old and new Who have stumbled across poetry classes and you. While this may seem like just another cheap And craft(less) gimmick poem for you to keep Until you run out of space in your cluttered drawers Know this: UHCL will miss you wandering its floors. So when you sit down in your recliner at night And flip through old papers ‘neath the lamp light, I hope you will take just a minute or two To reflect on everything we have learned because of you. And should you ever start to miss this cra

Poetry and Work

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Baba Yaga Staff!

Zenescope Baba Yaga Cosplay

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Baba Yaga 1

Baba Yaga Costume Updated

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Shh It's Time To Be Quiet Pt1

Quiet MGS5 Cosplay

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