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January 28, 2012
Ribbon Rose Tutorial by ~VioletLeBeaux
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Ribbon Rose Tutorial

I've made a video tutorial version so you can see how it's folded:

I've decided to turn some of my old tutorials into simple one image versions like this because people asked for easier versions they could reblog on Pinterest/Tumblr etc.

This one is on a really simple way to make a ribbon rose which you can then use for hair accessories, clothing, cosplay, anything really!

Hope you guys enjoy it, let me know if you have requests or think I could improve in the layout etc ^_^

The original tutorial I wrote is here: [link]
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Oh gosh, I'm still not much beyond daffodils, but you make it look attainable! Thank you :)
VioletLeBeaux's avatar
I'm very glad to help!
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Well, i know a much easier version of doing it....Nod First, u need 2 make a spring wid d ribbon (just lyk paper spring) & den hold d spring between ur forefinger & middle finger (lyk a cigarette) & pull any 1 of d 2 ends of d string. Woohooooo! Done!! :D (Big Grin) 
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I'm going to try to make a few of these as a gift for my great grandma. Thank you for putting this up! :D
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I made one out of steel sheet, took a couple of tries, but it worked just fine once I got the hang of it :)
VioletLeBeaux's avatar
That sounds awesome!
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I'm trying to make a rosebud. To make it smaller, you'd just stop when it's the size you want, right? But is there any way to flatten it so it's not so full at a smaller size?
VioletLeBeaux's avatar
Yes that's correct, just stop when it's the size you like. To make it smaller and flatter then you can use a thinner ribbon or curl it more tightly. Hope that helps!
SnapShot120's avatar
We already made it. We ended up just stitching it to look flatter. It worked out well enough. :)

I might be able to post the pic I'm using it for on here when I'm done. I might be able to. I'll send you the link if I do. :D Thanks for the tutorial!
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About how much ribbon do you use per rose?
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It depends on the width of the ribbon and the size of the rose but I'd estimate maybe 30cm!
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I love your tutorials! :)
VioletLeBeaux's avatar
Thank you so much!
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Is it okej for me to use this for a school project?
I have a project about life, death or life and death, I chose the life, and thought about that our life is just like a rose.
and I also thought about to make a lot of difference roses, for all the kind of people and religies on the world,
so can i use it?
VioletLeBeaux's avatar
Sure, you're welcome to use the technique to make roses for your school project. I just ask people don't make things to sell from my tutorials. Thank you so much for asking permission and good luck with your project!
Shizumiyabi's avatar
awww. really thanks a lot >.<
I hope my teachter like it xD
VioletLeBeaux's avatar
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I was thinking about making one of these and but how...thank you for sharing this!
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