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I wish this was a real place so I could go travel to it.

I'm not completely happy with the water - painting slightly choppy water is tricky and I need more practice with it. But I'm calling it "good enough" for this time around.
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What program/app do you use? This looks very good! :D
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I used an older version of Photoshop (CS) for this. I'm glad you like it!
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You are welcome! :D
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Hello! VenomQuill here! After I saw this, I took a quick glance at your gallery to see if you have any artwork like this and holy mother of everything, your gallery looks fantastic! So, not going to be able to reference that, huh? But I digress. Every work of art is great in its won way, but every piece of artwork also has a few quirks of its own. Remember, this is my own opinion and experience. You don't have to take it if you don't want to! Oh, and don't fret over the length. I get into A LOT of details.

You went with a blue-purple color scheme- Some purples, deep violet-blues, light blues, even a bit of pink. The blues cool down the picture, but the violet clouds and reflection in the water warms it up nicely! You somehow managed to harmonize it. So that is great! However, although going with a small area of the color wheel is its own style, there are a few flaws- mainly contrast. Your sky contrasts nicely with your land. However, your land has little to no contrast with the shore of the water- if that is the shore. It's very hard to tell. I'd recommend upping the contrast on the shore and the foot of the cliffs/mountains. Although there are many ways to create contrasts, here a few simple ones: Choppy water versus rough cliff, waves crashing on rocky shore, or just some foamy or rough waters near the base. As you are going for "slightly choppy water", I'd suggest roughening up the rocks just a bit to be sure.

*LIGHT* Lighting is quite sharp here. The sky is glowing due to a light source just out of sight. I assume that's a celestial body, hmm?
To simplify things, I will speak of this as if it's the sunset with H20 filled clouds in Earths' gravity/atmosphere. I do not know this world, though I am very sure I'd love to see more of it, so I'm not going to be the expert on weather. Now, the clouds are fluffy and rounded and very neat. Normal clouds aren't like that. You might be thinking of these clouds. However, even then they aren't this uniform. This more resembles these clouds and weather type more than anything else, though there are some exceptions. For the lighting, you make the clouds darker farther away from the source of light- which is good! However, in sunsets/sunrises, the light and dark areas are much more extreme and contrast each other sharply. High in the air, down by the ocean, or behind the mountains, cloud lighting is all very similar. The bottoms will gain a pinkish hue while the backs stay dark. In extreme cases, you can see the 'silver lining' on the clouds closest to the sun and very dark farther away from the sun.
Lighting differs between mountains and cities. The lights here make me think they are buildings, which the organic shapes make them look like mountains. So I'll give examples of each. Mountains without lighting (or lighting that is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things) are extremely dark. Some will be just silhouettes, while others might have some detail, while some have a lot of detail. Sunlight behind mountains also creates layering. In mountain ranges or similar structures, mountains "closer" to the sun will be lighter, while those farther back will be darker- though the types of mountains, such as squat, close together mountains and taller, more scattered mountains make all the difference in what shows up and what doesn't. Like mountains, both whole cities and building clusters can be silhouetted. Or, they could be dark but retain some details. On the subject of lighting from windows or small lights on the side, they could make a huge difference or just do very little to change the overall mood.
-Light circle
I don't know what that circle is, but it's cool! It's also got quite the light on it. When the light is blocked by something, or something is being illuminated in a sort of indirect way, the sides aren't often soft. For rocks, at the very least, light isn't often soft on edges. Here, the rocks are very sharply illuminated by a nearby light source. However, here, the light source is facing a large, relatively flat surface of the rock. The light here is completely facing the rock. The mroe direct the light is, the softer the light is on the rock. The more indirect, and the sharper the rock, the sharper the light will be. However, light directly behind something can make a halo around the object but darken the inside to a hard silhouette. On the subject of the source of the light, light sources can light up the area around it in different ways. This looks like a general light that makes everything around it glow. Lights like these or these make everything around it glow well, while lights like these light up a certain area very well. In the picture, though the light doesn't seem to be doing anything. Is it's a focused light, like in a lighthouse? Is it like a house light meant for everything around it to glow? If it's the former, I'd just recommend lighting a bit around it and then sharpening the light on the rock near it. If it is the latter, I'd suggest making everything around it brighter. Remember, keep the light on sharper edges sharp while areas without too much going on to be softer.

*TEXTURE* There isn't much for me to say on texture, that I haven't said in reference to light.
Is the land soft and smooth? Is it rough like stone? Is it a mixture of both? Here, the land looks very soft and smooth with a few ridges, judging by texture. However, they're made into their own mountains/buildings. So the only thing that could look soft but make up something big would be sculpted stone or metal that has been dulled significantly. I have a feeling that this wasn't sculpted, so I'd recommend either roughening up the texture, or maybe sharpening the light. Again, I don't know this universe so the material this is made out of might be soft.
Trouble with the water, you say? Well, it does look a bit choppy, if soft. Just studying water and even tracing some pictures of water will help. When I mean trace, I mean draw through the lines of contrast and then throw it away or redo it. It's called muscle memory. If you do something enough, your body will remember it and you can do it more easily in the future. For a sort of rippling choppy water, you can keep it smooth but make the crests of the mini waves sharp. Or you can make each "wave" a bit bigger and add more dark/light contrast to make the choppy waves. But overall, just studying water in general is a good idea. Studying choppy water is good, but expand your horizons and study wavy water, sparkling water, frothing water, wavy-choppy water, and anything else near it. Water comes in all shapes, sizes, and textures, you know! Weather directly effects water, too, so keep an eye on that.

Other than that, I think your picture is looking pretty good. I wish you the best of luck in the future! I hope I helped and the obnoxious amount of links here isn't too obnoxious.
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Thanks for the great comment! You bring up a lot of good points, especially about the surface of the water and where the water meets the land. I struggled with that a bit here because it's not something I've had a lot of practice painting. I definitely saved quite a few of the pictures in your links for future reference! I think it's great that you're able to provide reference pics in your comment, it's very helpful.

Thanks again, your comment is definitely one of the most in-depth ones that I've received and I really appreciate it! While I don't have the time to return such a detailed comment myself, I can at least give you a llama or a smaller comment or something :)
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Anything for an artist willing to grow, hmm? Thanks! I was a bit paranoid I was getting obnoxious. Glad I wasn't. Haha
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Holy mother of jesus, that's the longest comment I've ever seen :o (Eek) 
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I told you; I get SUPER detailed.
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Teach me the secrets of details
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Pick apart every little thing you see- even things that don't matter. Be verbose. Look over it. Once you have everythign out, pick out the ones you need and leave out the rest. Eventually, you'll come to a point where you won't need to pick out the ones you don't need. Because the ones you need will be the details that you picked out.

(Was that good? :D)
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Thank you! ^^
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The water is great! I feel a scary feeling when I see the water, like, I will be drown and won't get to surface anymore.
The scene is so amazing. The purple give the weird feeling (not a bad weird), like, it's the place that Alien lives. And blue detail on the rock is great too!
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I find your drowning comment interesting because someone else commented that maybe the "water" is actually tar...and that's not the sort of thing you could escape from! But I like to think that this is a friendly planet and the water there is shallow or at least safe for swimming :)
Thanks for your comment, I really appreciate it!
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Eh? It's not like a tar at all. It's just like a water from somewhere else in fantasy world or in another planet.
Is there any story behind it? I want to hear more about it. It's really interesting place. I feel like there will be a deep story behind it.
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I didn't have a story in mind when I started, but I feel like the place has been abandoned for some reason, but the lights are still functioning.
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Awesome environment! I'm a big fan of the cool color scheme you've used here, the pinks and purple create a refreshingly mellow alien environment. I like how the mountains can also be technologically advanced with the symbols "encoded" into the surface. Very cool :nod:
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Thanks, I had a lot of fun with the lights in the mountains! Glad you like it!
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You're welcome! =)
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I love it! It´s so magic.
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the colors in this are so pretty ;o;
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I'm glad you think so, I had fun with the colors. Thanks :)
What if it's frozen tar or acidic liquids? Nice coloring and style though!
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Ooh, frozen tar, that's a good idea! I could go with that :)
thanks for your comment, I'm glad you like it!
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